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Math Puzzle of the Week

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Use addition and multiplication to make theese numbers add up to 100:




You cannot change the order of the numbers. You also cannot use a number two times. You must use them in the order shown. To make it harder, only use 1 multiplication mark!

In my class I showed it to everyone, and the teacher saw it and said she would give a peice of candy to whoever solved it over the weekend. I'm the only one who got candy because no one got it!!:eek: The answer will be posted in a week, giving you some time to think... :confused:

If you get it right...... I dunno. Maybe there will be some sort of virtual prize.


Each week a new puzzle will be up, cuz I make a ton in my spare time

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forgot a rule
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I think I get it -- each row across is, consecutively, 24, ?, 24, 21. But that's not really a puzzle, it's an easily solvable system of equations with four variables. In fact, since there are only four variables, it could be solved for using just the values of the columns and ignoring the rows altogether.

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