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  1. I hope this question isn't to general but i feel like learning something new, so... I'm wondering what anyone can tell me about matrices/Matrixs? My teacher only spent one lesson on them and didn't really elaborate on anything... first i'm wondering if matrices and matrixs are the same thing?? Basicly i know what they look like, i can add two together and i've learned how to times them together also. So what else is there? What can we use them for? Remembering that i'm 15, i'm in the highest classes but if if it is something that shouldn't really be attempted for a while i'll understand, but any information would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!!
  2. Thanks heaps guys. i didn't really know what to expect, maybe i was asking some stupid questions... I really enjoy the Euler challenge. I'm Hot_Milo23 if anyone is interested ni seeing my progress
  3. I'm 15 and i've played around with lot's of different programming languages and would be interested in programming for a living. The only language i would consider myself fluent in is javascript (I know it's not one of the higher level languages but it was the first i learned and loads quicker than others) Now i would like to start learning to write some real programs that ca actually accomplish a task. I've basicly started learning a bunch of different languages (C++, Python, etc) I read the help files, i follow the examples i learn the language and then i hit a wall. I have no ideas, nothing to try, no goals. With javascript i mainly used it to create games and such (and some half decent ones if i do say so myself) so i could usually make a plan and write the code to accomplish it. With other languages it's harder.... So i'm just wondering if anyone has a language for me to try or a good site to visit, or even what others do when they get in the same situation.
  4. HI!

    i'm relatively new here (only two posts i think) and i was just wondering how i insert the spolier box into my posts. at the moment i just turn the text white but it doesn't look as good as the other spiler.


    Is there some sort of [spolier] tag or something??

    (can you pm me please?)

    also just want to say thanks for this site

    It's great!!!


    I don't get a lot of spare time to post but i try to get on when i can.


  5. I think i got it. But maybe i'm thinkin a litlle too much ou the box. What do you think [hide]1+2*3+4+5+67+8+9[/hide]
  6. Thanks guys! I logged on last night not really expecteing a lot of responses. I finished it without reading any spoilers. (and it seems so obvious now!) thanks alot!!
  7. Our teacher set us this problem and said he wont give any answers until somone gets it. No one has any idea how to even begin it. Help? "How old are your three children?" the mathematics master asks his former student. He is told their ages add to 13, and multiply to give the number on his study door (which they can both see). "I will need to know more", the master says. After a few moments reflection. "The eldest one is learning to play the violin", replies his former pupil. "Ah! in that case I can now give you their ages", the master tells him, and does so correctly. How does he know? What are their ages? What is the number on the door?
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