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    Windows architect,design for Discovery was my idea,I know Fields' Medallists,I solved Fermat as a child(before Wiles..)I can do you a proof,Nobel Laureattes I have met,etc...
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  1. To be detectable the Higgs-Boson must be at odds with what is already known.By that I mean it must be contrasted against the foreground knowledge.And not part of the landscape.If we say matter is neutral then Higgs Boson might not be.If we say matter is 3-d can we say that Higgs-Boson is 4-d?
  2. Energy can be stored in systems.like forces acting on an object is energy. not stationary........A ball dropped from a height has Kinetic Energy when acclelrating and in turn loses an equal amount of Potential energy. Sunlight is energy,as is coal.Empty space has least energy,and the sun has alot.E does not equal mc^2 however as one day the sun will burn out,i assume.What is the energy of a pile of rubble? It doesn't have any.
  3. e is a number spiral written on squared paper.1. up to two.one to the right to three.one down to four and again one down to five.THAT relationship is what e is.that expanse of a square...the same unending square.so it also has no rate of change decipherable and the area underneath is the same ratio.
  4. Integrate 2pi r you get pi r^2. Now you must start afresh from 4 pi r^2. and integrate to 4/3 pi r^3. i think.i failed my a-levels.
  5. y=x^2 i thought was a cracker in favour of calculus.very subtle!!
  6. i saw a program about drilling holes through the earth and all holes from one Chord of the earth to another,even in the next town from you,or even from here to australia,would take exactly 43 minutes to fall through!
  7. the straightest line between two random points or a grouping OF groups in an INFINTITE domain,in my mind renders the problem immediately unquantifiable. The straightest line is sometimes the quickest way but not always,particularly given all possibilities. Remeber that the fastest route has to be found via algorithm.I find common sense to be more efficient.in the usa with cities away from the centre makes a good map of problem at hand.Given all cities must be visited,the computation is impossible or is it? This is the question ,yes? my question was a)the route-finding or every possible permutation of every journey is sequential and systematic,like odds in Poker,at least the research. b)the mileometer then clocks it up,using plus.IF an efficient path is found and an alternative route discovered what if a minus sign comes into use? Does that differentiate between N¬NP? Also contrast between choices...how is ¬NP defined? the manipulation of operations could make it be seen incompatible. Also,where is the equals sign? when do they equate?
  8. I am working on another eighteen relativity's as we speak
  9. what is the picture you paint? what is an integer dimension,and what is a non-integer dimension?
  10. If you would like an interpretation of it I will gladly tell you what is going on.Theoretical Physics couldn't be more wrong about particles of light if it tried.How to have half a particle?If you were to spray the light from a torch left and right all over a wall,you would not see dots/particles unless the torch moved faster than light.
  11. Newton meters/wg=square of light speed? I feel that the units are inconsistent.could you break it down for me,please?
  12. Impossible.If two planes flew around the world at different speeds,one touches down first it shows a retarded time.By the same logic the rates the clocks move while the other plane is in the air touchING down the clock would show retarding in relation to the static clock aboard the plane that already landed and would show the same time when they met up.Einstein is wrong.I am sorry.
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