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  1. hey are you wearing space pants, because your butts out of this world...
  2. So I was thinking. Let's say that somehow you made it to the exact center of the earth( supposing that this was actually possible and that you weren't crushed by the pressure and that earth was a perfect sphere.) Would you be "weightless" as there would be nothing pulling you down to earth. Would the gravitational effect of the outer walls of earth stretch you apart? If I'm right than wouldn't you weigh less below a certain altitude ( where the gravity of earth is just before it begins to decrease as you move outward...)
  3. Yes this is a hoax I've used these beads myself they appear invisible in water unless they've been dyed. (mine were blue)
  4. Well you really shouldn't have a problem getting zinc. Post 1982 pennies are copper plated zinc. Just scratch off some of the copper with sandpaper to expose the zinc, then put it into HCl
  5. Well I've been making rust for use and thermte and I found this way of makingiron oxide without using electrolysis. But what does it yield? H2O2+NaCl+Fe= For some reason I keep thinking that I made chlorine gas. Which is not good. I'm pretty sure it would make hydrogen-chloride I was running this experiment outside, but whne the hydrogen peroxide began to froze I brought it inside and removed the iron I was using, but it still continued to bubble. I left it in the house overnight (it's 4am now) without thinking that might be making chlorine. About 20 minutes ago, I dumped the solution out outside. I still can't stop thinking about it though.
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