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  1. Carbon is a versatile molecule. IT can have many different material properties depending on the environment and the types of molecule it's surrounded by. More importantly it can form single, double, or triple bonds. This is part of the reason for it's versatility. It can bond easily with 4 Hydrogens, more than any other PROMINENT molecules found in the body. It can attach various functional groups to itself. I'm just listing things here, not really reaching a conclusion. I think part of the reason we're not made of silicon is because it's not electronegative enough to give much versatility to
  2. Eaay! It's all in the imagination of your brain. First try to graph all the equations in one graph. THen rotate the resulting shape 360 degrees around the x=9 line. It should look like an upside-down bowl. And then use the washer method(your washers should be horizontal) to calculate for the volume of the solid. I could say more but you should learn to think for yourself. That's why I gave you a little starting point on how to approach these type of integration problems. The calculations you should be able to figure out. Good luck!
  3. ^^Clever Indeed. Thanks for explaining it the long way.
  4. I'm trying to understand your explanation but I guess I don't really understand how that scale works because it's shaped like abnormally for a certain reason I'm guessing.
  5. Try These Companies: They are the companies that are prominent suppliers of Biochemical Products. All are good companies http://www.fishersci.com/wps/portal/HOME?LBCID=81918116 http://www.bdbiosciences.com/ http://www.rndsystems.com/
  6. relative atomic mass---------------Could be both but leaning on Chemical electronegativity------------------Chemical density------------------------Physical ionisation energies------------------Chemical melting point-----------------------Physical atomic radius-----------------------Chemical electron affinity------------------------Chemical boiling point---------------------Physical Chemical property relates to the Interaction of one element with another while physical property relates solely to that chemical. Often to observe a chemical property such as flammability, the chemical h
  7. Hi, I'm an 18 year old in USA Maryland is my state. Science has fascinated me ever since I was little and it's my favorite subject. I'm a HS senior, and I'm interning at the National Cancer Institute. I've taken AP Bio and am working this year on AP chem and AP environmental. I want to make connections with various sciences, and think even more critically than I do now so I joined the forum. PS sorry if my name sounds a bit egotistical, which I'm not.
  8. I was thinking e n Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedNever Mind
  9. Got it on my 1st try! I got what harlequinne got although Dr. Tesla's solution seems more creative.
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