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vampares` has been banned as a sockpuppet of vampares. I don't know how we figured it out, but we did.

Earlier today, while I was in between making sandwiches, doing the dishes and pining over strong males that might make my abdomen swell and save me from predators,* I found myself here to observe the

Staff consensus is that the week of July 9 be deemed to be abuse-from-Aethelwulf free. Suspended.

Bill McC has been suspended for soapboxing. So...much...soapboxing

(the fact that many of the unsupported claims can’t be supported owing to being utterly wrong is not a loophole)

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IDNeon has been banned because, good grief, they wouldn’t leave it alone.

Repeated personal attacks, thread hijacking and soapboxing. Over and over again, without much science to dilute the crap.

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