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You can create images in virtually any language you care to choose. Web-based images are commonly created using PHP as Capn points out since it's a fairly popular language. However, it's perfectly feasible to create images using C, C++, Perl, Python, or any other language that you care to choose. Chances are that there's an image library for the language that you choose; it's just a matter of finding it. Even if there isn't, it's really trivial to create uncompressed images just by using basic file operations.

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I fiddled around w/ PHP's method of doing it. They have functions at php.net (I think it is). You used to need an extra package beyond PHP and apache. Like mod_php-gtkGD or something. I think after version 5 it comes default though. When you use a package manager for php (5) you see libjpg, libpng, etc in the dependencies list.


Images work just like any other file.


header("Content-type: image/png");

$signature = imagecreatefrompng("mybooringimage.png");

Do some text coloring and,



Something like that. Look it up, it's really not as dificult as you may think.

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Well, those types of images are quite interesting. its quite simple, called a one way door - it allows information from the browser to be sent back but not other information.


If you use PHP you have some powerful functions at your disposal, a friend and I recently finished a quick project that turns images to ASCII art here:




The function was quite simple read the x and y direction, grab the pixel colour and then assign that through CSS.


function ASCII($File)
 $Width  = imagesx($File);
 $Height = imagesy($File);
 $RetVal = '';
 for ($i = 0; $i < $Height; $i++)
   for ($j = 0; $j < $Width; $j++)
     $RGB = imagecolorsforindex($File, imagecolorat($File, $j, $i));
     $HexVal = sprintf('%02X%02X%02X', $RGB['red'], $RGB['green'], $RGB['blue']);
     $RetVal .= '<span style="color: #' . $HexVal . ';">#</span>';     
   $RetVal .= '<br />' . "\n";
 return  $RetVal;


Where the parameter is recieved from either:


imagecreatefrompng(File Name Here);

imagecreatefromgif(File Name Here); or...

imagecreatefromjpg(File Name Here); Depending on the file type of the file too be generated.


As with the generator above, the dynamic images are usually done with PHP although CGI can be used with a little more work :)


As for exactly how the PHP functions themselves work with images, I'm still researching in the source code :)




Ryan Jones

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