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  1. yesterday i sat for goegraphy class, there was something like great bear, north star, constellation of 7 stars, i could not understand all this stuff, anyone plz has answer of querry??
  2. the universe dosent have any end, if any end was possible, then till now it would had been discovered by our great scientists!!
  3. i thing that the universe has a shape like a hexagon, but for proper predictions, u need 2 step out of universe, click its photograph!!!
  4. yaa there can b millions like us but if it is possible 2 go out of our milky way, we may discover some manned planets!!
  5. after digestion when i touch stomach, i found it hot. my uncle informed me that dureng digestion heat is produced in intestine, is thi really possible???
  6. i went through a science article which said that 4 proper digestion of human body, half should b filled with food. rest 1\4 with water and remaining 1\4 unfilled.. how will this affect the process of digestion???
  7. while buying yhe computer, the expert told me 2 check 4 earthing in my house. how should i check it, what if i dont have a spike guard or stabilizer, will it damage my computer
  8. i always wonder why there is always some type of waste comming out of all five senses of a human boby??? is there only waste filled inside the human boby??
  9. why is ammonia gas has so much bad smell, is there any mathod 2 decrease its effect?
  10. high voltage can kill nutrients causing growth of weeds, resonance creates vibrations, but use of electricity will depend on the technology used.
  11. look friend, virus can be cured fully only when it's exact cause and symptoms are found, then vaccines can be made.
  12. boigas plant is a better option. also a lot of initial investment and idea will be needed.
  13. the total amount of gases in universe remains constant. if C)2 increases by reducing oxygen, then only it will affect O2, causing breathing problems!!
  14. i am doing BE in electronics and telecommunication and want to go for further studies. what r the possible streams, which fields and subjects, which might be the best of them!!!
  15. if there is a cutoff of electricity, the unsaved data gets lost. is there any sort of software which would automatically save the data example after 5 seconds, please help me..!!!
  16. i have a radio having am and fm. while listening to am, when an automobile starts, i hear some noise, this is notthe case with fm, is there any principle behind this???
  17. weknowthewor


    why do ac generators and motors generate noise and not dc???
  18. how can chickengunia be cured at the earliest ???
  19. what was the exact reason due 2 which the NASA's space shuttle blasted off before landing in whihc Kalpana chawla was one with other six??
  20. when rubber is extracted from wood, in which for is it, and what is it called ??
  21. once when i sprayed the perfume on stove gas, the perfume bottle absorbed fire and got burnt. could u help me 2 understand what happened..??
  22. why does sugar turn blackish if we heat it
  23. what is the condition for a matrix to be linearly dependent or independent
  24. can we use solar energy instead of electromagnetic waves for very long communication
  25. weknowthewor


    how can zener diode be used as a voltage regulator
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