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Will Silver Sulfide Dissolve In Saline?


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Good day,

Thanks for taking my question.

I want to make a contact lens case out of fine silver (.999) and while silver is inert, I am concerned about a potential hazard of tarnish, after it inevitably forms, dissolving into the saline and causing 'severe eye irritation,' as the SDS for silver sulfide warns. Will saline solution cause any silver tarnish to dissolve? If dissolved, there is potential for causing eye irritation. I am unsure of the chemistry between silver sulfide and saline. Your help would be greatly appreciated.




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Silver is not inert, so you can't use it for that purpose. I would only use materials that are properly inert in the target conditions. Silver is a cumulative poison, like lead, in living systems. 

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6 hours ago, mhawk said:

Inert means none of it will separate, not that it isnt toxic. Silver particles will not dissolve in water on its own. Plastic used in contact lens cases is inert but if it somehow got in your bloodstream it would be toxic.




Thank you, grayson!

If something is toxic it plainly is not inert. However silver sulphide is pretty insoluble in water and I wouldn’t expect saline solution to be different. But if there any other metals around you could set up an electrochemical cell with metallic silver. It sounds like a risky idea to me.

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