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Re: Magnesium bisglycinate + citric acid = ?


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3 hours ago, ivan.novak said:

I have a question or two that I need help with:
What happens when you put magnesium bisglycinate and citric acid into water solution?
Does magnesium change form here?

Kind regards,

 At neutral pH, glycine in solution is mainly present as a zwitterion: NH3⁺-COO⁻. So I think what will happen when you dissolve the glycinate: NH2-COO⁻, is it will pick up 2 protons from citric acid to form NH3⁺-COOH, leaving you with citrate and/or hydrogen citrates, depending on the relative amounts of citrate and glycinate (Citric acid is tribasic so it can release up to 3 protons, depending on the relative pKa s - or pKb s if you prefer - of both it and the other species around.) 

Mg²⁺ in solution will be present as a solvated cation anyway, so it won't be affected by any of this.  

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I think this one sets to a cement too,  but I dont know.  But with calcium its probably better,  but either way I dont know how firm it sets, but with that citric acid there, it may increase setting power for the cement.

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