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In the previous article "BIO-DEATH EXPERIMENT - THE LIFE DARKNED HORIZON" it is noted that the diagnosis of death does not come with univocal, but variable criteria for ascertainment based on a society’s law, as well as the presence of cases of resurrection documented in the literature frequently occurred within the medically "reversible" marked temporal range and therefore not of absolute death. This assumption led me to the introduction of a scientific experiment called ADC (advanced-death-checker) with the aim to observe the evolution of a body that died for an indefinite time during the entire biological decomposition process by a remote monitoring system to the parameters given to life. However, this shakes up some questions worthy to be considered. In order to fully understand death, it is necessary to clarify life, individual conception and its definition through a philosophical reflection with the metaphysics.


Individual’s life awareness is given by an active interaction with other subjects that coexist in the same place, the relation allows to identify, name the perceptions of it: there is no awareness of living in birth, but perceptions only, which do not imply any definition of being alive until they are actively defined by otherness. There does not seem to be any element capable of determining the being alive autonomously, but only through a certain active interaction responsible of the creation of a society-world in which it is established a conceptualization of existence confined to that place, where the individual finds himself. A human being through altered physical senses will have no way to become aware of being in that specific place, but different, however from the external perspective it results present giving two truths and therefore two different places. He is there but unable to feel there according to his perception. Given an objective reality is established by the mutual active - that depends by perceptions which can vary - interaction with subjects in a certain environment the objective reality may depend to the subjective reality: a variation of perceptions can alter the interaction with reality. In such case, in fact, there would be no unique reality. Such an event seems to provide a conception of parallel realities that can exist simultaneously depending on perception regardless the lack of interaction with them. The uniqueness of the individual would be unable of fulfilling a conception of “existence in a place”, because it is unlimited. Without an interaction all perceptions of reality would remain undefined following the unconsciousness of being alive.  Since it would be impossible to define life, it cannot be possible to define death either. Given that the death is the antithesis of life and it cannot be defined, the same goes for the former too. The two oppose each other, but neither acquires truthfulness; it could be alive or dead, but still existing. If mere perceptions are the only awareness and the only information available to be something, then the variation of these implies being something else. Let’s suppose we are in a state devoid of perceptions, nothingness; the perception of not perceiving implies a perception, then one is something. Let’s suppose that from the state of "perception-of-non-perception" a variation takes place, making perceptions vastly different by transforming into those known in ordinary life, then one is something else. Between these two variants something remains unchanged: being. When the state of non-perception constitutes a perception, it means that the being assumes validity also in this case and that it can also be independent, responsible for consciousness. As the same independent and responsible being of consciousness, it can contain memory from which to distinguish itself autonomously on the basis of previous variations and identify itself from them in its diversity but remaining autonomously indefinable. The being is the unlimited existence, the being is perception. The being is relentless, its form is variable.


"When I am dead I will be: I am what I am, I am what I was, I am what I was not."

"Perception is the greatest impostor of reality."

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2 hours ago, mr_keybay said:

In the previous article "BIO-DEATH EXPERIMENT - THE LIFE DARKNED HORIZON" it is noted

You don't get to base anything off that thread, since you did a really poor job of supporting your ideas there. Anything you stacked on top of that pile of nonsense is just going to fall over quickly. You make a LOT of assumptions, you suppose a great deal, and you don't bother to back any of it up with more than your waving hands. Honestly, you claim it's impossible to define life or death but then claim it's necessary to define it in order to understand what you're talking about. None of it seems rooted in any kind of science, but is rather just how you think things should be, or what makes the most sense to you. The problem with that is you don't know enough science to make guesswork like that meaningful. There's no way to test your ideas, so they aren't science. Sorry, but discussing a wild guess isn't as fun as you seem to think. People of science want more.

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