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What is the optimal way of mounting solar panels.


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AFAIK, it's all common sense stuff with PV panels - optimal angle to catch rays as perpendicular as possible, above tree shade if possible.  Economically, there are cost/benefit calculations as to having a tracking or fixed mount, or whether it's on a rooftop or the ground.  In cities with standard lots and many house and tree shadows, the roof is usually the only viable option.  This makes a tracking mount more difficult, and there's the challenge of affixing to the roof and having all supporting members be adequately flashed and sealed so rain doesn't leak in.  You also have to pay more for high roofs, where workers have to use safety harnesses and things generally take longer.  And roof installations are more trouble to clean (in arid climates, they need regular cleaning, as you will lose a fair amount of watts to dust accumulation.  You can get an idea of your cleaning issues by leaving a car stationary for a week or two and see how your windshield (windscreen) looks.  

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What is the optimal way of mounting solar panels.

Solar-panel-like material should be built into roads and houses. When the "vehicle" flies above the road, they should transfer energy to the "vehicle" to keep it flying (i.e., without friction), and to accelerate it. The remaining energy should be used to light roads, houses, agriculture and industry.

Solar power towers are also an interesting option in uninhabitable areas:


6 hours ago, studiot said:

Perhaps I mean optimal height,

I like it. The farmer is happy, the plants that don't need full sun are happy, land is wisely used, the farm vehicles are self-sufficient.

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This thread was inspired by a report on local radio about the Wedmore power cooperative which supplies solar derived power to the village but has raised the panels to allow sheep to graze under, keeping the grass down.

Apparantly the sheep like athe bit of shade in the summer.

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