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What's the point of philosophy?


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1 hour ago, Intoscience said:

"what is the point of philosophy"

To partner science.

Are you sure you've given the question any thought?

For instance, doesn't a bin man deserve a partner?

5 hours ago, NTuft said:

Let me ask you, instead of metaphorically, how does your mirror come into play in actuality?

On 9/19/2022 at 1:09 PM, dimreepr said:

And that's the point, in a way, your assumption and judgement is the mirror you can't see beyond.

If you think you already know the answer or have persuaded yourself the answer giver isn't smart enough; then the window on the world becomes opaque or reflective, either way you can't see the truth in the answer's you're given. 

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7 hours ago, NTuft said:

That wisdom can only be come to by asking philosophical questions, and likely also through philosophical discourse.

Wisdom is understanding that every creature you'll ever meet, from the lowleist ant to the greatest polymath, know's and understands something you don't; so I think wisdom is listening first and then asking question's... 

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22 hours ago, Intoscience said:

Yeah, and since I can't really add to what has already been posted I believe philosophy and science in raw form are yin-yang 


I think Yin-yang is a fundamental part of every human endeavour/facet, but I see the relationship to be more of a father and son dynamic, when done correctly the father is so proud, because he can see the fruit's of his lesson's; when done wrong the father is so disappointed, because the lesson's have been forgoten/ignored/misunderstood; pride has to be earned, it's never innate. 

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