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Microwaving plastic container and leaching


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Is it always worse or better to heat a plastic container with food above boiling water, rather than to microwave it?

I do not have a microwave oven and I am always heating up packaging food above boiling water that is supposed to be microwaved, is it better, worse, or shouldn't have any difference, in terms of the effects to the food?

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Leaching is a problem either method, and heat can aid the break-off of plastic nanoparticles into the food as well as leaching pthalates, PFAS, BPA, dioxins, etc.    Best to transfer food from plastic packaging to a glass bowl, then heat.  

In fact, given that more thermal energy is transfered through the plastic, with your boiling method, it might be slightly worse.  With microwaves, just water molecules inside the food mass are being agitated, so the plastic container is only warmed peripherally.

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