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Empires down the ages...and the scientific trends they exhibit


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BC 3000: Caeser conquers the whole world. Lifespan of Roman empire: centuries.

Ad 30: Jesus conquers the Christian world. lifespan of christendom: eternal

AD 400: Muhammed conquers the Muslim world. lifespan of islam: eternal

1500 AD: Queen Elizabeth conquers 60 percent of the world. lifespan of commonwealth: centuries.

1945: Hitler conquers Euro Asia. Lifespan of the Nazi empire: 5 years. 



  1. The further we progress into the future, the more difficult it becomes to establish empires. (Roman empire vs Third Reich tenure) Therefore, evolution is a stumbling block to dictatorship. 
  2. White people like Caeser are better at invading nations and establishing empires, and brown people like Jesus are better at invading the psychology and establishing new religions.


The perfect empire would be run by a white person/brown person pair who invaded on both psychological and military grounds, in 3000 BC.







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I'm sorry, this opening post is so full of incorrect data as to belong in the trash can and put behind us all as quickly as possible.

Can I suggest that you revisit your zero thread, where you might have asked a serious question but don't seem to have been back to consider the answers?

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