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Wastewater spill in Florida

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I know most of you are aware of the wastewater spill in Florida, if not there is a short video at the end of this you can watch. My concern is that it keeps coming up that this waste water is radioactive, is it, and if so why? It would appear this wastewater is being dumped into canals that are channeling it into Tampa Bay, how dangerous is this really? I've heard so many conflicting reports it seems to be either an environmental disaster or just harmless. Does anyone have any evidence other than what the authorities are giving or the people who claim it is a disaster are giving? Some truth should be brought out on this and if there is deception on the part of state and federal agencies who do we believe? 


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Everything I've read suggests the mining waste would only be marginally radioactive, so I'm more concerned about the phosphate than radioactivity. We already have frequent algae bloom problems. Biscayne Bay National Park is right there too.

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