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My "dream"

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Hey guys,


Ok, I generally sleep in my Algebra 2 class. A lot. The teacer lets me cuz I make 100's in teh class anyway. Well, today, I really got freaked out. Not in teh funny way, but in teh like serious you-need-a-psychologist way. I am not sure if I was a sleep when all this happened or not. I was dozing off and I felt liek I was going to throw up all of a sudden, and soon after felt a very sharp pain in my back. This all happened while my head was on my desk. I don't know if this was a dream or not. I have never had a dream like this. I knew everything that was going on around me, I heard mr. quigley giving his lecture, etc... If this was a dream, it was excruciatingly real.


ok, well, back what I was saying. I felt very sick and then a very sharp pain in my back. Then I couldn't move, My whole body felt tingly like it your foot doees when circulation is cut off, everything felt like that. i have never had a dream where I could feel like thing. I couldn't move, I could barely open my eyes.


There is a guy that sits to teh right of my namd ryan and luckily that's teh way my head was facing. I tried to say his name, but nothing but heavy breathing was coming out. I couldn't move my face at all and my vocal cords weren't working i am guessing. I tried to stay calm and think about what was going on. after about five minutes, I figured out a way to move my right arm back and forth like inches and that's it, even then it was very hard to move it.


Then I could move, I jerked up and was breathing really hard. I wasn't tired anymore, which is why I think it might have been a dream, but the fact that i knew what was going on around me, could feel everything, hear everything has really freaked me out. I am pretty sure that random temporary paralysis isn't good.


Could someone please tell me if that could be normal undeer certain circumstances. Again, I am not sure if it was a dream or not. I don't think it was, but I also think it was, I really am not sure.


EDIT, this all happened in about 30-45 minutes.

Also, when I jerked up, mr. quigley was in teh exact spot he was in before I jerked up. so this whole "dream" was in real-time.

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sleep paralysis describes everything you experienced down to every detail. What is interesting is that I have similar episodes, but without the body rigor. And I have an intermixing of reality and a dream-like state than seem much longer than they really are. My eyes are usually open, I think, and I wake up with a feeling of nausea and I am, on most occasions, sweating excessively. It's also ironic that I usually had them in my Algebra II class!


As a side-note, I have experienced rapid blood loss in my head so severly that coupled with the feeling of weightlessness and a cold-body temperature, my vision has completely blacked out while I am walking. The sensations are hard to remember because of impending fear, but the 'blind vision' lasts for a very short time, and is proceeded by hazy vision. I know this is more common, (especially for people with anemic disorders), but I thought I'd mention it.

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I think ive had one of these before also. Ironicaly it happened the other day in my alebra I class (this is the second time ive taken it). I have math third period and for some reason in third i get realy tired. So anyway, im close to sleeping, and that subconsious thing kicks in that tells you to become alert for a few seconds so you don;t fall asleep in class. So i try to lift my head (my heads on the desk). I then relize i can't move my head. I can't even move my body. I got realy stressed (as in what the hell is going on) and after about ten seconds of pushing extremely hard to move i snap out of it. Then i just sit there for like 5 minutes thinking how scary but at the same time cool that was. It was wierd. I could still here everyone durng the time. So ya, ive had one of these, but far less severe. I started mentally panicking within the ten seconds or so, and afterward i could feel my drenaline flowing. I can't believe you had a 5 minute episode. I would have been panicking so severly. I would be scared out of my mind.

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I, also have had similar experiences.


Although I think the strangest thing that ever happened for me while sleeping was that I dremt I woke up, got out of my bed, went out, found out some really bad news, and came home and went back to bed on the couch. Normally this isn't strange, but I went to sleep that night in my bed, and woke up on the couch. (So somehow I moved from my bed to the couch, like I had in the dream.) And, I was freaking out because I thought for a long time it had actually happened. Imagine my suprise... seeing as she wasn't pregnant... That was a very interesting day.


But I've also had this experience before... not being able to move, control my breath, or anything else... just being aware. It's freaky scary.


Fun stuff...

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