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Nuclear energy vs. renewable energy

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On 1/6/2021 at 11:28 PM, npts2020 said:

How, then, does a nuclear powered aircraft carrier go from all stop to full speed ahead in a short period of time?

At least with a Sub I'd say it's fairly sluggish about accelerating. You can't demand too much from your steam or reactor in too short a time.

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Firstly, without giving away top secret information, I can assure everyone all US nuclear powered carriers are propelled by steam turning a turbine which, through a system of reduction gears, turns the propeller, no electricity required. When cruising at even a fairly slow speed, those props use more steam than the electrical generators and all of the other steam systems aboard combined. Lastly, smart grid technology should help keep major sudden transients within manageable limits for most reactors. (I don't think we should be building more, though)

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