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This is a long thread and I admit I've not read every post in it, but would just like to say that, if a person is ill in a mental state of one form or another, then any reasoning that person tries to put forward can't be taken seriously. A person must be of sound mind and put their views forward backed by evidence. I can however fully assure all readers that nobody will put evidence forward from bible scripture to convince anybody to believe in it, and the reason for this is because the bible is fully based on FAITH. If you choose not to believe in it, then you don't see the understanding, its a simple as that. It is said that the god of this system of things blinds the minds of disbelievers. I've also learned that the bible gets rewritten about every fifty years. I questioned this some time back with a religious group who told me that being inspired by god the wording used meant the same but was changed slightly because peoples languages are changing over time, i.e. the slang. I pointed out that in the book of Revelations that God Almightly was very specific in that he said in writing that the wording of the bible must NOT be altered, or words to that effect. Once I bought this conversation forwards the replies were not forthcoming. There is however a lot to be said for the funds that are generated as registered charities in these organisations. 

Looking at whether the flood ever took place or not we might never know. Am interesting point of view was once put to me from a farmer about the flood and the ark, and that was that if the ark contained two of all wild animals, domestic and otherwise, in a closed system that was supposedly sealed off, then the smell from the animals, the waist etc would have killed off the human lives there in  the ark over that 40 days and nights of the flood period. Then the religious group came back with another good answer to that problem, where they said God has the power to put the animals to sleep through that time period and then wake them up when the time is right for them to go back to the wild. 

The only real things the human being knows is that we are here, we are alive for a time period and humans die. What we don't know and can't prove is whether we have lived before and or will live again after death in the future. As far as evidence and facts are concerned, the only ones available to us is that we are here now and conscience that we are alive at this time. Nobody can't dispute that evidence.  

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