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  1. MigL i bet you feel like a empowered egotistical male when you are writing assumptions and slandering an individual who could be suffering from a disorder for all you know. It doesn't matter what you think or say. You do not know the weight of the situation in all of its entirety. In fact you sir are as sick as they come with lack of compassion and virtue and the understanding of the inner working of the minds. So as it may be to you garbage, or something you can bat at like a cat at outoff curiosity and play and there is no desire for seriousness for your lack of knowledge. In fact you knew
  2. Sad to say we do not make the choice for ourselves. Lets try a mind experiment. If you can freely choose any city in the world to go to think of it and write it down. Now understand the process that takes place we are not conscious of every city we know at that moment instead we are presented with a few cities that come into the conscious point of our minds. Now think of every city you have every been to and read about or even heard of. These cities are put in to the memory of our brains and in the moment of coming up with a city we want to go to we are not presented with a list like a databa
  3. I can only post up to five posts a day at the moment but the evidence i do have it is as i can describe it self experienced but it is experienced as i can say in relation to the experience of others. So i said that i was hearing voices and that it changed into something as i can describe as a spirit. Now i also said this spirit guides me. Now please gentlemen do not assume me to be a common madman among the rest of society because before i went through what i have gone through i had no belief in a higher power at all. Now as i can only state my experience to of what i go through dail
  4. Like i said i was diagnosed schizo affective not with schizophrenia and honestly in that moment i thought i was exactly that but if you had the time to sit and hold a conversation with me i will explain to you what i have gone through and am still going through and also sir you may question me with any questions you may have that arises in the moment. My intention is this to hopefully reach an understanding with other logical people that can listen to me and maybe accept what i am saying is a possible truth. I do not seek nothing in return but only the progression of a more perfect un
  5. Like i said my evidence is not explained due to the fact of time restraint. Also how can i convince you with something you do not understand Like i said because of time restraints i did not present my evidence because it will take quite some time for me to explain all of it in depth and even still it is like the evidence of philosophy it can only be presented through mental recognizance.. If you could truly understand i said i was labeled schizo affective not schizophrenic and at the moment i didn't doubt the label. Also i have left out what i have experienced. You are quick t
  6. This may be a unusual way to start a forum but i believe it is very necessary. So if i may appeal to your senses of rationality and intelligence i am starting this forum with a brief description of my experiences. In the year 2013 i started hearing voices as i am able to describe it to the only correlation that you the reader may understand. It was not in the sense that it was in my head at all but sounded always off in the distance like it was coming from beyond the other side of a building. I went through strange and unusual dialogue with the voices that even to this day i do not under
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