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Stonehenge A Neolithic Fire Signal: Architecture Supports Simulation of Moon Phases

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16 minutes ago, Flippingartist said:

Actually, now that you mention it, they found a smaller one nearby called Bluehenge:

then we all agree.

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On 2/4/2020 at 1:35 PM, Flippingartist said:

The triangular constellation appearing in the eastern sky, at a certain time of year, is easy to see. It also has an elevated left-side. The upper star also appears off center and to the right. If this constellation is visible at a time of year that corresponds with harvest, the Triskele could be a perfect metaphor for death for Neolithic farmers: "they've been harvested" or they are "awaiting their new growth".

Over time the Triskele did become the abstract symbol for life and death, and it is represented by a balanced triangle.

Further notes on the relationship between the Triskele, the constellation, Solstice and the metaphor for death/renewal 


Called the Winter Triangle it is visible in autumn in the east, and at Solstice. It is comprised of the brightest stars in the winter sky.

The Triskele appears again on a rock covered by "cups and rings". There are hundreds of such etched rocks, even portable ones. The smaller scale (when compared to Stonehenge) appears much more in keeping with a "working calendar aspect"- like rough notes/sketches/diagrams figuring out the relationships between the constellations and seasons? The Triskele in the image below is an equal triangle unlike the off-kilter, more carefully inscribed representation in its more formal setting in the Newgrange tomb.



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On 2/4/2020 at 7:08 PM, Mordred said:

Lmao it could even be as simple as "build a structure large enough that even the Gods will take note"

Some things are pointing to not the "Gods taking note" but possibly their own ancestors, their own dead taking note. Up there. At the big, slightly blue tinged bonfire in the sky

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