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Hello, friends at scienceforums.
I am the author of a fantasy novel, illustrated as a book from the Middle Ages. Every page of its 400 pages has been fully decorated. It's a combination of a fantastic adventure and popular science. I wrote it many years ago thinking of an audience such as this one. I recently finished the ebook version of it. it proved impossible to replicate the illustrated novel in its entirety into an eBook format. The ebook version comes with just the necessary images to understand the plot and the discussions throughout the story. I am writing to you all because I would like to share this eBook to all the members of this forum.
I am asking you to tell me if it is OK to do this here, or in another section of the forum. I would like to announce a precise date for you to download the ebook from Amazon. 
From a literature point of view, the idea for this novel came from Umberto Eco's theories which were used to write his novel, The Name Of The Rose. Hence, it should not be a surprise, if you identify a chapter that resembles another from Don Quixote, a scenery taken from an Escher illustration, a character from another book, etc. I can make available links to related image galleries or videos. I am hopeful that you will accept my offer. I will proceed as soon as I receive your OK. I will at that time announce a specific date that the eBook would be available to download.
I hope you find this interesting.

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What makes you think my book does not bring some science to be discussed? Being objective and empirical is a must for any scientific person. Plus, it says "Book Talk". So, it is for taking about books.

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15 minutes ago, perigono said:

 I am asking you to tell me if it is OK to do this here, or in another section of the forum. 


Moderator Note

No, it is a violation of our rules on advertising. You don't have to be selling a product for it to be a violation.

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