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How to write a code in CSharp?


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C/C++, C#, Java, etc. languages have just a few built-in statements and built-in instructions. And many of them are exactly the same in a couple different popular languages. So if you will learn in one language, you will know them all.

However, to efficiently write programs, you need to learn standard linkable libraries e.g. stdlib in C/C++, standard dynamic libraries in C/C++, and .NET Framework in C#. They contain true functionalities, provides a way to connect to operating system, I/O, hardware etc. Amount of instructions in such system as .NET Framework is tremendous (counted maybe even in hundred thousands). You should get accustomed to with at least basic I/O, threading, memory, later UI, gfx, music. So, you need to write program, every day, new program, to check what external libraries and frameworks have to offer.

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