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Which artery is damaged? La Casa de Papel / Money Heist (spoilers!)

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Hi everyone,

So I have a bit of a special question: I just finished watching a series named 'La Casa de Papel' and at the end of the series one of the main characters is shot near her left arm. 
The fragment can be studied by watching the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mgigVAM8yc

I'm wondering which artery is damaged here (since blood is 'spurting'  out of the wound, it must have been an artery).

I am about to start medical school very soon and I'm currently focusing on vascular anatomy. I thought it could have been the arteria axilaris sinistra or the arteria subclavia sinistra. If so, what would be the chances of surival? The reason I'm asking is purely to test/train my knowlegde of anatomy and anatomical skills (imagine someone really had a wound on that spot...).

Thank you for your attention (and help)!

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[Edited to add: First things first, if anyone is reading this thread and doesn't like blood, don't watch the video clip.]

I suspect it's the arteria hollywodaris sinistra


21 hours ago, Mett45 said:

f so, what would be the chances of surival?

It depends on the scriptwriter.

Edited by John Cuthber
Add a warning that some might find the vid upsetting

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Okay based on your post I conclude you lack sufficient medical knowledge to even answer this question. 

I clearly stated in a *real-life* situation, what would have been the chances of survival. Only medical professionals can answer this, so unless you’re one, please just stop. 

Oh yeah and by the way: it’s not even a Hollywood series haha. 





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Given your answer I conclude that, while you may (or may not) know much about medicine , you clearly don't know much about the difference between real life and the movies.

Which is more likely?

There's an unexpected artery in someone who gets shot or

the show's producer said " It's OK, but it's not gory enough- can we get lots of blood spurting out?"?
Here is a hint. It's just a story. Somebody made it all up.

And the interesting thing is that, even with very limited medical knowledge, I can point this out to you.

Incidentally most "Hollywood" stuff doesn't happen in Hollywood.

Now, just to let you know, her chances of survival are very poor.
You can see blood on her lip before  she opens her collar and gets sprayed with blood. 
That implies a lung injury to go with the arterial damage.

Also, the blood sprays almost directly up into her face which, even given that she's leaning back, implies a very odd wound track.


Anatomically and physically, it's just not possible. You only get a clear spray from an artery if the artery itself is more or less exposed- otherwise viscous drag at the sides of the wound will prevent it.

So, she must have a pretty big hole in her torso to let the jet out.

And yet, she's still alive.


So, even a trivial understanding of science lets you know that the scene isn't realistic. Why were you looking for realism in it?


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I was installing a piano hinge on a shed door one time when the driver slipped and stabbed me between my thumb and finger it was quick and the blood spurted across the building Managing to nail the supervisor in the chest as he came  running around the shed intent on punishing me for cussing loudly which was punishable by firing where i worked at the time. I never really liked that guy, but the blood did spurt. Thankfully the owner was more concerned for my hand than my soul at that particular moment so i managed to keep my job. But until i placed a finger over the hole the blood did spurt with  every heart beat. I didn’t really wait to see if it was going to slow down. :)

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