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  1. Okay based on your post I conclude you lack sufficient medical knowledge to even answer this question. I clearly stated in a *real-life* situation, what would have been the chances of survival. Only medical professionals can answer this, so unless you’re one, please just stop. Oh yeah and by the way: it’s not even a Hollywood series haha.
  2. That's actually really interesting. I think it depends per organ. The prostate is supplied with blood by the inferior vesical artery. Basically by blocking this artery you are not completely blocking blood supply to the prostate. This is because the middle rectal artery and internal pudenal artery also give branches to the prostate. However, by cutting down all of these, the prostate won't receive blood. So it's not as if one artery only goes to one organ. They can divide into multiple ones which all supply the organ OR supply multiple organs. Compare it to the coronary arteries: there are 2 (sinistra and dextra), only by blocking both you 100% shut down blood supply to the heart. By the way, the pulmonary arteries do not supply the lungs with blood, just so you know. Hope I helped.
  3. Hi everyone, So I have a bit of a special question: I just finished watching a series named 'La Casa de Papel' and at the end of the series one of the main characters is shot near her left arm. The fragment can be studied by watching the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mgigVAM8yc I'm wondering which artery is damaged here (since blood is 'spurting' out of the wound, it must have been an artery). I am about to start medical school very soon and I'm currently focusing on vascular anatomy. I thought it could have been the arteria axilaris sinistra or the arteria subclavia sinistra. If so, what would be the chances of surival? The reason I'm asking is purely to test/train my knowlegde of anatomy and anatomical skills (imagine someone really had a wound on that spot...). Thank you for your attention (and help)!
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