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Can anyone recommend any educational material

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For the longest time, I have been trying to understand how to create and understand mathematical models. From the simplest ones growing to the more complex ones. Can anyone recommend to me any reading material, videos, or learning material that can help?


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I assume you mean the general development of  models (which are mathematical) of something which is not, such as a mathematical model of heat loss from a building.

As opposed to physical models of something mathematical as in orgami, stellated dodecaherons etc? (That would be Mathematical models by Cundy and Rollet)


A gentle introduction

Mathematical Modelling

Berry and Houston

Edward Arnold


More advanced (University level)

Macmillan Guide to Mahtematical Modelling

Edwards and Hanson



Most advanced

Mathematics of Models - continuous and discrete systems

Griffiths and Oldknow

Ellis Horwood


After this you will need to look in subject specialist books (usually a particular engineering subject, but also statistics.)


Does this help?



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I think you would need to be more explicit in what you want to learn. If it is statistics I can make recommendations, but I have very little idea how the other sides do things. 

However, I think generally you'd want to make sure your algebra and calculus is top notch, then add in some basic understanding of proofs and linear algebra. At the very least. 

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