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On 1/13/2019 at 2:36 PM, Itoero said:

I know many people that go in or have been in depression/burnout. 

I would not place "depression" and "burnout" in the same sentence like you. These are two different things.

Modern western people have the bar set high. It's hard to reach it once. And after reaching it, it's even harder repeating it, and put it even higher. Jumping for millions of times and being unable to reach it, put some people upset, they give up, don't care anymore, loses motivation, loses interest. Wants to do something else, something new, something refreshing.

Pressure from management, boss, plus living on credit, acclimatization to high living standards (thus high bills), afraid of losing job if selling-targets or production-targets are not reached.. Now, that can be depressing..


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