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Science and Religion: A Math Theory Request

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On 12/22/2018 at 7:25 PM, The_Questioner said:

a) Could you please calculate the odds, percentage-wise preferably, just how big the change is that the universe and everything in it, thus, the universe from Big Bang to this day in age and everything that comes with it, such as the placing of all bodies, the creation of elements,  the creation of our solar system, the perfect positioning of Earth in the solar system which has the perfect sun to sustain life (as we know it, for the record), the forming of Earth, the first start of life (that simple single form cell up to the enourmous variety of life (plant, animal, fish, insectoid, ...) through all time periods) on Earth, the complete evolution of life with human origins and evolution as greatest importation in this part,  the way ecology systems work and how nature has been able to withstand (albeit FASTLY losing this batttle more and more swiftly) the polution and destruction by human(oid) hands (throughout all eras of humanoid existance), actually random luck is, and thus not created by whom- (be it God, Jahwe, Jehova, Allah, ...)or whatever the "creator" (a god, an intellectual energy form, an alien playing the Sims (I said this alien thing here, to show that I leave it in the actual middle what this creator might be as I have not a single clue, NOT to create a mockery. Also, I said this to make sure, in my own unusual and autistic (Aspergers with ADHD, note) way to not insult anyone in any way.), ...)?

The probability is precisely the same as the probability that the ratio between circumference and diameter of a disc happens, seemingly by coincidence, to be precisely equal to\(\pi.\)

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