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  1. I meant it in general, not towards either science or religion, or any other field specifically. I encounter this a lot, oddly, it always turns out as I predicted. Annoying humans, damned.
  2. I think some of you have heard of this weird-haired clownish science dude, called Einstein? No, that' was not the question, no. Einstein had a few remarkable things to say about intuition. And not just Einstein! Yet, when you say something that you intuitively feel is right, it gets questioned, ridiculed, or otherwise badly reacted upon. Why is that, I wonder...?
  3. No, a few are slightly smarter. But only a few, I fear.
  4. I agree, most indeed still hunt for needs, not just food, but skin, maybe even bone or teeth for some tribes, as some still tend to use this as tools. Hunting as per your interpretation is indeed beyond most people's money bag. Also, most choose not to kill in this form of sports. Then again, many do kill for fun, or at least, I think it is a form of fun, not sure. Many a soldier go to a warzone, thinking he's John bloody Rambo. Arriving in the deep end though, they no longer are John bloody Rambo, but Shaun the crying Sheep. War suddenly is no longer a night of CoD or whatever game they played, it became a tad more painful, for body and soul. Not that easy, being a decent fella, and be forced to take one's life, one you never met. And then, there are those, that do like this... These are the ones that get me worried. There must be something inherently wrong with them, I think. A wrong connection in the brain, perchance? But we all a wee part of guilty, all of us. Remember that Bush fella? "Oh, I heard, I think, theys has weapon of mucho pain and death. We needz to invade thems. We need precious!!" And we simply believed that. Well, they did find a lot of sand... Our leaders keep bullshitting us, and we just nod, we do as told, and well... let's hope it did something good. Which of course, in hindsight, did not. Au contraire.
  5. You, sir, are a fine person! I am happy to have met you! I respect everyone here, but you I like just a bit more.
  6. Thank you, appreciate the answer. But it's hard, sir, i simply cannot ignore it, it is printed into my brain on the front, making that it overcomes any other thought. Like a post-it on top of a staple files yelling to me. Maybe I need to get me a few boxes of happy pills... *sigh*
  7. Well yes, and this I stated in the very first post: I am indeed generalizing! Thank you for noticing, sir. Surely there are many that actually try, actually do even, but FAR MORE seem to be not giving a flying fuck. Or planet is in shambles, pollution up to, and over our ears, despite a 'peaceful time' hundreds still die by war, hunger, thirst, I mean, really? Our planet is heating up, but we cary on as if our nose bleeds. Trumpty-dumpty even gave the bird to all on that eco-conference 3 years ago, saying they were liars, imagining things. And industry pumps out even more stuff today. We by war-planes for billions, but we refuse to lave the thirsty, feed the hungry. And the most baffling of all? WE ALL put folks like this Trumpty-dumpty in power. So, hell yes, in many a way we ALL are idiots, myself included, mind, sir. And no, I do not just look at the bad side/effect of intelligence, but the global result. As for leaving, sir, well, we will simply restart anywhere else what we did here. Just in a different form. Like we always have. Locusts... Thank you for your answer, sir. Precisely. And who knows, homosexuality might even have a scientific, actual effective meaning, maybe it is nature's way to "stop overpopulation". As we all know, 2 females or 2 males rarely reproduce, lol. I would not be surprised, if this came to be a fact in the future... Thank you for answering, sir! Completely agreeing here, sir! We intelligent beings need to learn to act intellectually for once, something we have failed to do in say 200'000 years. Which brings fear in my heart, NOT for me, for I am only one, but for the suffering, and our offspring, wherever they be in the future. Remember that movie Equilibrium? I've been thinking a lot about this, and yes, in it, we give up our passions such as love, friendship, but i wonder, would it not be a minor price to be paid for peace and prosperity? Thank you for responding, sir. To all: Happy Newyear: May all the best that life offers be on your path, evermore. And then some! And my intellect FINALLY reign supreme and clean up the global mess we're in.
  8. Maybe. However, we use our intellect for mostly wrong reasons and actions. Isn't that idiotic, then? I mean, look at the state the world is in.
  9. Well yes, IF we allowed our intellect to make decision. This in many a case seems not to be the fact?
  10. Sadly, the more we progress, the further we seem to cause harm to our planet. Also, we are focusing on the wrong projects. And these do not just cost insane amounts of money, but also precious time (as we could do other, more meaningful things in said time), resources of various form, intellect (seeing the same people could be used in the more needed projects... It occurs to me, that the "great evil" is not per se our intellect, more that it is our emotion. Greed, hate, distrust, ..., seems the base reason for our idiocy?
  11. But this would place us on a much lower step in intellect, as this serves no purpose. None but well, 'fun', right? That would make us indeed, the dumbest smart species. Or simply idiots.
  12. Oh, not yet, but I think of a few. All, oddly enough, politicians... I wonder why...
  13. Then surely we can stop testing on other animals and begin testing on the human animal. What better result could there ever be, right? Plenty of those where they came from. So, let's start gathering humans, put them in boxes in labs, and start experimenting.
  14. You have a point. You state, basically, that all beings are equally intelligent. Thus, any animal being equally to humans. If not, well, then my argument still stands. Animals do not tend to kill for pleasure, in general. They kill, for sure. They battle over space, females, food, ... And yes, females: the stonger will give stronger offspring. Yes the weak are sometimes offered to the predators. This then to protect the herd's health, doing that leads to stronger genes. Can we say all that for humans? Of, we kill for the same reasons, sure. There are fights over space, food, ... But so many just kill for the sake of killing. And weak kill strong ones. One needs no strength to pull a trigger. So, to me, that just is NOT the same. I hope almost, that you prove me wrong, I mean, I am eager to learn. I do not care to change my view, if I made a mistake here, if I am proved wrong. I'm only human, I am imperfect, but I CAN learn from my errors.
  15. Greetings all: Before anything, when I say "humans are hopeless idiots" I do not point at any individual. My thoughts are about the general population of Earth, and their idiocies. When I think of humans, before anything, the picture of a locust pops up, where the locust symbolizes the "perfect parasite". Indeed, if we take the definition of parasite, and we see this from an unbiased, objective point of view, this very definition applies to us. In my own words, the definition of a parasite is: The parasite invades a host: (Well, this does not apply to us in the "invasion" type of way, we evolved here from an ape type, still...). The parasite robs the host of resources, not giving anything helpful in return (like a symbiotic entity would do): Yep, this very much applies to us. The parasite pollutes it's host, not caring for the host at all: This too, sadly, applies to us. The parasite prepares to move on, once it's host is nearly entirely deprived of the wanted resources: Oh, yes, we're aiming at other planets and moons. Note, this is in my own words, as previously mentioned. This brings me to intellect. Not intelligence, mind, but what I call true intellect". As I see it, sure, intellect is fairly well defined. But it seems to be missing 2 general rules: 1) The ability and understanding the necessity to live with oneself, the next person and life in general, in peace, support and understanding. 2) The ability and understanding the necessity to live in balance and respect with one's surrounding and nature. In about 200'000 years (it seems there's still debate around how long we have been around, so let's take 200'000 years) that we walk this very planet, we failed to learn both rules, leading up to this day in age and the situation the planet is in. The year is 2019 almost, but even today, despite we try to make another believe that (our) kids are being so damned good cared for, these same kids drop simply dead from thirst, hunger, ...? We stomp trillions into warfare, while, "next-door", people drop dead from simple water/nutrition deprivation? How on Earth can we justify this to them? How can we explain them, that, one airplane costing as much (and far more) as endless water supply to a village, is more important? Racism, homophobia, theophobia, ..., how can we have this, if you consider, that there is basically no such thing as race (as said afore: we all derive from the same ape, basically, making ALL of us 'family' (science tells us we are at least 50% related to whomever wherever)), that being 'gay' is actually a natural thing (it is seen by many species in nature), that religion in itself (if applied correctly) is not a deadly thing (yes, some turn things in such way that the interpretation becomes a violent thing, like the ISIS folks, but these are nothing more than a heap of criminals trying to disrupt any form of life). Any human life taken is therefore familicide. But, who cares. Or let's take on how we choose our leaders: politics and correct reasoning often stand opposing to one another (like the before mentioned example: buy war plane or water for the needy). Yet, we take preferably good speakers more than actually rational or science based people. For me, if I were to choose, I would compose a government based on scientists that are doing effort to fix global issues, one that has people from all-over the world, creating a GLOBAL government rather than local ones that we have now. THAT would be a logic thing to do. THAT is what Earth, the human species, needs. But no... we keep on fucking that up as well... We are in an age where the world became the size of a monitor, so to speak. You fire up your PC, and you're in France, Russia, Turkey, India, you name it. The internet became borderless. And still, we hold on to the ideas of that old thinking: borders. Instead of sharing science, we want to keep everything to ourselves, so we can make as much as possible money from this. Why not share, and have people from wherever work on these things, giving them the option to benefit as well from it? Let's take this French ITER project. About 40 countries are working together to get this beast of a machine running. This only proves it CAN be done. And I took ITER as an example, but there are many like these. But no, let's not do that, either. I could go on and on, and while I am aware this is a scientific site, and this by no means a scientific post is, I just had to share this here, because, thought there are a few 'more evolved thinking people' around, these are not being heard, more, they are often being silenced, if not, even, killed. I fail to find my place on this planet, I simply cannot get the stupidities I see around me, everything confuses, frustrates and aggravates me. I just hope, that, on this site, where intellect is appreciated above all else, at least a few might feel the same... That I am understood here, unlike in my surroundings, where i am considered a complete idiot... Then again, who knows, I could be, indeed, insane.
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