ley lines

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can anyone help me with finding a good ley line map of the world i really need one thnx


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@studiot said 



Leylines are just examples of coincidence that have been glorified as having some paranormal significance.

I like the following demonstration:


Take a sheet of plain white paper.

Randomly sprinkle on some black pepper.

Take a ruler and observe lots of leylines where the pepperdust particles have fallen.

Draw the lines in.

Shake the pepperdust off and resprinkle


1) New leylines emerge

2) Many particles fall on the original leylines you drew in 'reinforcing' them


A special twist on this if you looked up Wiki on the subject.

Leylines gurus don't realise that all maps distort the true shape of the land in some fashion.

And this distortion is different for different map projections so straight lines on one projection are not sraight on another.

Yet the gurus somehow cheerfully draw in the same straight lines on these different maps.


@sci-man let us know how the experiment turns out.

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