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Good and bad chemical smells, list yours


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I recently did a synthesis that involved heating benzaldehyde and pyrrole in refluxing propionic acid. Just...no. Very fortunately, the solvent was not butyric acid instead. I'll take my prize, now.


I rather like the smell of dimethyl maleate, though it has a pretty low vapor pressure so I didn't know it smelled good until I spilled a drop on a glove and walked around wondering what that nice smell was for half an hour.

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the worst smell, that makes me real sick feeling, and nausea, is the new tar for roofs, the welcome mats made from tires, the apple brand cover for the ipad, the stuff they put on your hair at the beauty shop to keep the curls in, i think it is called petroleum distillate, or something from that? i am not a chemist (my husband was) It smells bad, and in addition to that, when i smell it, i start getting nausea, and headache, and weakness, etc. no, not my imagination, as my 93 year old dad, has the same reaction.

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