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  1. not really for any sort of explosive you need a high ammonium nitrate and then i think that maybe stump remover may work better and it will be easier to get the ammonium nitrate from a liquid i.e. stump remover
  2. I've been making smoke bombs on Halloween in my country for years and i have devised the best plan and I've got the thing if your looking for something home made. just by making ammonium nitrate from fertiliser (with high ammonium nitrate) you can dilute this to liquid by adding a small amount of water. you then soak a flammable material in this liquid (news paper). this can then dry and then when lots are tied up tightly you can make LOTS of smoke. p.s. you can add food colour to the diluted mixture for coloured smoke p.p.s be careful not to dilute it to much and stir and add a water little bit at a time p.p.p.s reply if this does or doesn't work because i am working on a new product that is 100 times as good as this but take's a little more work.
  3. NO WAY every thing on this list smells terrible compared to trichloromethane i would recommend smelling that.
  4. this is a remake of the ww2 British keep 'calm and carry on' poster
  5. well if those charity's didn't exist then that means that not 100% of the money they make would go to other charity's. Moreover this shows that these charity's are doing good for the world as they allow people who wouldn't donate to them because they have too, donate to them because they want too.
  6. but there's still a chance of getting lucky and with general science knowledge or a forum like this some proportions could be shown for other things such as fertilizing crops and not only the ammonium nitrate but when you start poking around at it with other chemicals for example alcohol's.
  7. yes however I'm saying that charity wouldn't do as good as it does with religion as there are many religious charity's such as YMCA Salvation Army Christian Children’s Fund St. Jude’s Hospital Habitat For Humanity International Intercristo Promise Keepers World Relief Remuda (Eating Disorder help) Christian Aid Canada Christian Aid USA International Needs International Prison Ministry
  8. As 65% donate on religious cause's and influences for example the pope as an influence or Jewish tzedakah. however the chances are that if religion didn't exist that most likely some of these people would find a different influence to give to charity.
  9. as fertiliser can contain high amounts of ammonium nitrate and when you start to talk about that the chances are its not going to be long before you get a visit from the bomb squad as ammonium nitrate is a main ingredient.
  10. yes I agree this guy doesn't really know what he's talking about but I do think that there is a fine line between fun, safe, basic chemistry and dangerous chemistry but I think that it is fine as long as the chemicals provided are checked for harmful or dangerous ingredients e.g acids and gasses. I hope that helps
  11. i am not very religious my self however i do find it hard to see how something written 1439 years ago could 'advise' us in the decisions we make today and the decisions we make in the future. how ever if for instance religion didn't exist there would be a lot less charity donation as there are 65% of religious people donate to charity regularly as of religious causes and 80% of Americans are religiously affiliated.
  12. I'm a student that is doing a case study on ammonium nitrate and the terror hazards in the UK. I would thought I will let you know something as you may not find the acid levels or how to change your fertiliser that way as it is a big hazard in a new trend of terrorist attacks "smoke and stab" I'm not going to go into detail but I think that many sites on the web prevent fertiliser research to the general public. On the other hand there are way's of getting around this by just by conducting your own fun experiments just remember safety first.
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