Mass of final solution

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i dont know how to do this

98 grams of potassium chloride are added to 217 grams of water. The volume of the water is 200 cm3. When the water reaches saturation, the undissolved salt is removed. If potassium chloride has a solubility of 95 g/dm3, what is the mass of the final solution?

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1 hour ago, Pamelitahh123 said:

I need to see how this problem is done in general can you please help 


The last poster ignored the Moderator advice and didn't come back so don't waste your first day's post limit of 5 posts being half hearted about it.

Follow the mod's advice and post your thoughts, whatever they are.

Can you seriously not even make a start on this question?

Do you understand the information given?

Can you tell me, for instance how much of the 98g of the salt actually dissolves?

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