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Government surveillance: when does it go too far?


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Now I understand why people don't like surveillance.

Well, here in the U.S. we are protected because of the freedom of speech to say anything bad about the government. Not so sure how they would react to threats though.


In other countries, I can imagine what they would do to someone who is against the government.


I think the government agent listening/watching me will be more disturbed than I would of them.


([/size] ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)[/size]


just kidding[/size]

What's the point of having freedom of speech if you are too scared to say what you want?

I would rather not disagree with the government online while they are watching me. If there's anyone you don't want to disagree with it's them.

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When does it go to far??

Depends on your present situation. If the gov. is giving you a monthly allowance of several hundred bux, it may not irk you too much.


But if the gov. suddenly decides it wants to start rounding up civilians (like gays in Russia) then it becomes a problem you have to deal with.


And due to the corrupt nature of politics, you are basically loading up a hot potato that future corrupt politicians can use.


i honestly dont care if the governement has surveillence on me, i dont mind the government knowing what i search and stuff like that. its not like im doing anything illegal, and I don't necessarly see surveillence as an infringement of free speech under certain circumstances sure.

It's like, ask yourself if you are really cool with people like Donald Trump having access to all your personal information.

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