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  1. A better example is Jews.


    Jews have been circumised for thousands of years' date=' and yet every Jewish boy is still born with a foreskin.


    As for Lamarkism providing faster and better evolution then standard evolution, if aquired traits are passed on, then negative traits such as injures and losses of bodiy parts would be passed on. Your Father losses an eye, according to Lamarkism, you will then be born with only one eye. Hardly an improvement.[/quote']



    Exactly my point, thank you Aardark

  2. Uranium Dating in the rocks estimate that the earth is around 4.5 billion years old. However, because how the earth formed is mostly speculative, we can't know for sure how long the body we know as earth as been revolving around the sun. There could have been matter circiling the sun, that would become our earth long before it actually formed.

  3. Also, the T-Cells keep out other pathogens, but they aren't very succesful against HIV. Replenishing T-Cells wouldn't help with the HIV virus, specifically. But, for temporary relief it would, in theory, work.

  4. Knowledge is power. As humans develop better ways to comminicate knowledge, we will also get possesive over that knowledge. Knowledge is the way to make money. If I have a new invention that will enable me to travel throughout the universe, why would I share that knowledge freely, if I can sell it for a profit. (Not that I'm greedy, but I'm just trying to be realistic).


    I have a feeling that as time goes on, information will start costing more. You'll see free information websites dissapear.

  5. so if we can develop a drug that can increase the life-span of the average dog to that of the average man.. can it then surpass us by its 7x intelligence?? just a thought...



    It's not the life span that gives a dog the time to learn, it's the capacity to learn. Dogs have smaller cerebrums then humans, and thus are less capable of intellectual thought (although I wouldn't consider them dumb by any means)

  6. Lets say you throw a ball in the air, the instant the ball leaves your hand the force you applied to the ball no longer affects it, rather it's Newton's laws, that it tends to stay in motion. The four other forces in nature cause it to slow down. Here's my question. Isn't the throwing of the ball be an kinetic energy transfer from you into the ball? Whouldn't the energy from you throwing the ball still affect it's motion? So even if the force you applied doesn't affect the ball, wouldn't your energy?

  7. Possibly the most interesting thing I ever read on this topic is by Ray Kurzweil and his singularity theory. That is, that because the human brain and computers work the same way (binary - switch on and switch off) that humans will be able to upload their concioussness onto a computer. Check out his website kurzweilai.net


    or for the specific topic on this forum...



  8. By that logic, lottery winners should be stripped of their winnings. The odds of them winning are so unbelievably low that they couldn't have won.


    No, by my logic the odds of winning the lottery are so low, that if someone wins, I believe it to be an act of God.

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