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  1. A real life Jekyll and Hyde. A terrorist by any other name is a .... Bee
  2. You did. Thanks for those links. Lots of stuff over my head, but thanks. Bee
  3. I would still like an idea of the percentage of scientists that believe in the cyclic model... Anyone? Bee
  4. Hezbollah will never disarm. The type of rockets it used to start the conflict in the first place will be replaced by even longer range types with bigger grenades attached to them and they will get them for free from Syria and Iran. No amount of good will from Israel, now, in the past, or in the future, will stop the next war by states who wish to end (and openly state that) Israels existance....period. Israel is what will eventually happen to all civilized states/countries if we let terrorism win so, unlike some posters here, I will state again that Hezbollah didn't win anything that they didn't already have and Israel just bought itself some time by pushing those small rockets farther back. What is needed is a very strong U.N. composed of a very strong mulitnational force who has the power to investigate and place blame on the group who starts the fighting. Something that will never happen. If I was Israel, I would get ready to defend itself again and soon. Bee
  5. Hi Martin...Yep... thats the copy I just received but have only quickly scanned it. I will get back to you on the rest of that editorial. It has another neat article on the "Adept" probe looking for Dark Energy and Lee Smolins "Out of the Void" article. Check back tomorrow morning. Bee
  6. I just received the latest copy of New Scientist and they had an article on the cyclic universe model (my favorite model). What I want to know is the percentage of scientists who believe in that model vs the other models. I've been reading about branes that collide every trillion years too and got to wondering about who believes in what.... Thanks Bettina
  7. When my dog has an upset stomach or other digestive problem, her tail will be pulled in close to her body. When I see that, I know she doesn't feel well and when I let her out and she will immediately start chewing grass. She doesn't do that at any other time so I've learned the clues. I also give her a Tums and that helps too. If its a severe stomach problem she will eat enough to throw up and then feels better otherwise she will eat just enough and then feels ok... However, some dogs just like to eat plants and grass so you have to check the dogs habits. If it is indeed her stomach, check her dog food or try another brand. That failing, you can call a vet. Bee
  8. You are an amazing person Mooey. Those photos are not only awful but a reminder of what kind of world Israel and other civilized unions are living in... and of the people who don't want to do anything to help make it better. Sometimes I really hate this world and the thought of any kind of God. Bee
  9. Israel won hands down. To say that terrorists won anything is (censored by me). Bee
  10. Expected response from you. I'm glad I stopped taking you seriously. Bee
  11. Tetrahedrite... I went back and re-read your post 216 and I owe you an apology. Your right, I let my emotions dictate without thinking out what you said. It was clear that you don't consider Israel a terrorist state and I don't think that of you. I'm sorry for getting you ticked off. You didn't deserve that one from me. As far as warnings go, you don't deserve one, and as for me, I hope I'm treated like everyone else. I don't mind getting slapped if I have it coming because how am I going to learn anything if I don't. Again... I'm sorry. In this link you provided http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hezbollah I found this to back up what I think about that terrorist group... Although Hezbollah has denounced attacks on Western civilians, it makes an exception in the case of Israel. Nasrallah stated that "in occupied Palestine there is no difference between a soldier and a civilian About Hezbollah and Hamas being different entities I don't agree. They both want Israel destroyed so that puts them in the same bottle as far as what has been discussed in this thread. Instead of shooting rockets at soldiers, they send them into the poplulated cities for the sole purpose of killing civilians. And as far as the rest of your post... your correct. I do think that way about Islam because its what I see in the news and read in the Koran. I will never apologize for any statement I've made against the Islamic religion. Its a vile, militant religion with a broad agenda. I defend Israel and proud of it. Bettina
  12. Really, then what should Israel do when their schoolbuses and commuter busses full of CIVILIANS gets blown up by hezballah and hamas. Mind you....they target women and children first. So, you can join budullewraagh, who calls Israel a terrorist state, without telling us what should Israel do. I'm not out to prove either of you wrong because you both have a case closed mindset. The real terrorists love both of you I think..... Sad. Bee
  13. budullewraagh I feel sorry for you. You hate war.... and so do I.... but you have no way of justifying self defense. Do you feel the same about the U.S. in WWII ? Do you feel that war was worth winning? Bee
  14. Not directly, but you did make the implication. I re-read most of your posts in this thread, and to be honest, it makes me wonder whose side your really on. Bee
  15. I must have missed something. I don't get what budullewraagh is talking about, I can't find your post that he referenced, and I don't get the meaning of what you just said. I must be tired. Bee
  16. IMO they were already isolated. What they feared, is that the wests "meddling" might interfere or undermine their oppressive, Taliban-like way of life. That "meddling" is called...freedom....and they hate us for it. I will try to find the link that reported a top Taliban official quoting that freedom was evil and should be destroyed at its root. Bettina
  17. Which is why our school system is failing.... Bee
  18. ....sigh..... You need to see the artistry in it. Its very very hard to make that film look the way it does. Even when making it "forward" you had to make your moves different. It took a lot of work and retrys. Hard to explain... Bee
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