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  1. My friend said that you can do that as long as you tie a wire from the old timers ground to the new timers ground. All the grounds can be common. Thats all I know. Bee
  2. Bettina


    Sorry to make you so mad. It was just a joke between me and JohnB. Bee
  3. Bettina


    Yes, "These ones" Sorry, I couldn't resist... (“this one” should not be pluralized to “these ones.” Just say “these.") Bee
  4. The most dangerous one to me would be a biological weapon that we lose control of. I would bet that somewhere their working on something scary. Bettina
  5. Hi, I see its your first time here but you are way off topic in this thread and you did it again in another. Thats against the rules here so please private message me instead and I will tell you where to go... Bettina
  6. Hi Martin I picked Nosedive... and to me, Lisa Randalls book was the worst book I ever read. Although Brian Greenes Fabric of the Cosmos was the best book I ever read. Bee
  7. I miss him a lot too. I learned a lot from him and he was a respected person that I admired. Oh, and hell does not exist but if it did, I rather be there with Sagan than in heaven with Gods pedophile priests and his rapist friends. Bettina
  8. Gib65... I never meant to imply Blike was ignorant because he is surely not and as I already posted, that divide is not as big as some think but religion was only one aspect of my argument and thats a lost cause now anyway. The other is seeing certain experts treat newbies like trash and get away with it every single time. Some newbies are afraid to post for fear of getting stepped on... and they will. Caddyshack was a comedy which depicted an elite group of stuffy golfers that revered their private club and looked down on newcomers as invading trash. The other thing is why is it so hard to answer someones questions in a civil tone without telling them that these questions have been answered before and to use the ($%&$#) search function. If thats the attitude then they would be better off going to Wiki or another forum like I do. The sad thing is that a forum is supposed to be a nice place to meet with people with similar intererests that are friendly like the teen forum I go to. I haven't seen that here in awhile which is why I haven't posted... I still like a lot of the people here very much (like you) and miss what they have to say but anway...... have a nice life. Bettina
  9. I wasn't going to answer this because its a moot argument anyway but the sense of the mistake, which was getting rid of the religion forum, is that its not that way in real life. In the real world, science and religion are intertwined tightly.... especially by the creationists who have managed to infiltrate the school boards in several states. So, by stopping the debate here is another win for creationism to apply those red stickers in our science books. The divide you speak of is much narrower than you think, and I know for a fact that some have left because of a few board experts. You can remove the red bars form their signatures, but not the arrogance. There have been little posts from me lately for that very reason. I have nothing against you. Its your board and I only offered an opinion based on the OP and my observation as a teenager. Maybe when I get older, I will see a different board but right now I liken it to the golf club on Caddyshack. Again, I'm having a bad day and not picking on you or your board. I still intend to visit if allowed to although asking questions here is another thing. Bettina
  10. I don't believe people posted here just to get high post counts because they would have stayed here to drive it higher still. I believe one reason was the loss of one stop shopping where you can discuss everything from D-branes, Intelligent design, flight mechanics, religion, etc, all in one place. And, yes it was a mistake that cannot be reversed now. But another reason as to why some posters left for other boards are the specific pompous people on your board that go out of their way to insult someone less intelligent than themselves then display their colors in their signature attesting to that fact. Or, the posters that reply with one liners or Wiki entries. Another thing I noticed is that some posters who were banned here are good members on other boards and I've learned a lot from them so that tells me something. This is an elite club now and I know I haven't been a model student here but I'm only answering your question so take it with a grain of salt. I'm quite happy visiting here and picking up information here and there but I just find posting here uncomfortable and do it somewhere else. Sincerely, Bee
  11. Or... maybe when the "idiots" ask questions and get told their idiots instead of receiving an answer, they go somewhere else. Bee
  12. Yes, I still use my name but I have another problem. I noticed that some freely use the fword in their posts and thats a no-no with me. (I've always associated fword boys with rtards) I left a message there asking if there was a way for me to turn them off but if there isn't, I'm outta there. Bettina
  13. Bettina


    My dad is 66 years old and very active and young. An hour before he goes to bed he takes three Benadryl tablets totalling 75mg. He has been doing this every night for at least five years because he said if he doesn't he can't get to sleep. With them, he sleeps soundly. I love him and I'm worried that long term usage might harm him.... Please let me know if I have to worry or not. Bettina
  14. Thank you Gib.... I liked what I saw and joined... Bee
  15. It used to be just this forum for science and theology but now its these when I'm not busy with school. http://www.sciencechatforum.com/bulletin/index.php http://www.thescienceforum.com/index.php My two game forums for a game I play online... http://www.descentbb.net/viewforum.php?f=4 http://www.planetdescent.com/asp/forum_index.asp and a teen and school forum which I keep private. Bee
  16. I've read all of Dan Browns books with The DaVinchi Code being what I considered his best. Although Digital Fortress was not as good as his others, it kept my interest enough for me to finish it.... but barely. Right now I'm reading "The Elegant Universe". I just finished "Warped Passages" Bee
  17. Herme3 Hope you find that troublemaker thats messing up your forum. Search around your site and see if there is anyone who sounds nervous about IP investigations. That jerk would most likely be guilty. Good Luck Bettina
  18. Sure. Its not awkward at all. If I like the person coming toward me I would already know his name. I would look at him, smile, and say "Hi". I would not stop. I already broke the ice and the next move would be his. I always smile and say hi to people passing me even if I don't know them or say hi back if they say it first. Sometimes I will smile without saying anything but I always aknowledge the person passing me. No matter what age they are because its common courtesy. The problem I (and my friends) have are the middle age adults who stare at us without saying anything. The mall lurkers who follow you from aisle to aisle pretending to shop near you just to gawk up close. If we make eye contact with them they will keep it going never breaking first and its worse when were in an ice cream shop where they sit close to you and stare. These guys freak us out. Its not just me, and thats why my friends and I always car pool and go out in groups. The senior gentlemen are ok. We always smile at them. I think it kinda makes their day. Bettina
  19. I get that all the time whether at the mall or just at dinner with dad. It creeps me out big time coming from people old enough to be my father and it ticks my dad off even more. Do teens a favor and don't do that. Bettina
  20. But you are making the assumption that QM is infallible. Bee
  21. Why? Recognizing your mistakes and making a public apology is a huge sign of character. You shouldn't throw that away. Bettina
  22. Before they close this thread. I love you Martin and just want you to know that I appreciate the understanding you always gave me. the Fatwa was a stupid sarcastic comment on my part and I got an official warning for it which I deserved and which should finally make some people happy. I've been watching what you have been saying and your going to get into trouble... so please stop. Your respected here and I want you to stay that way... Your friend... Bee
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