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  1. Hi:

    I was wondering if anybody has any ideas for a science fair project. I am interested in every feild of science. Time is running out, im under a lot of stress and I have no good ideas.

    Plz help Thank-you :D

  2. Hi:


    Im reading this book called "Wonders of Numbers" by Pickover and in one chapter he says that a probability simulator would help solve the problem. In case you don't know, a probability simulator simply simulates a situation where you want the computer to randomly pick some numbers. I would prefer a visual simulator but if you know of anything plz tell me.


    Thank-you :-(

  3. Although you demonstrated with the rabbit, surprising signs of intellegence. The dog would have to take the prize. Im reading a book about dogs and not only do they obey commands but they also demonstrate a sixth sense about certain things such as knowing when an owner is coming home although he is 15 minutes away and has fluctuating work hours.

    The dog :D

  4. Hello:


    I would like to inform the reader that a new sub-species of elephant has been discovered.


    As you already may know there were two species of elephant. The african elephant with large ears and the asian elephant with somewhat smaller ears than the former. Through recent DNA tests it has been proven that there are two sub-species of Asian elephant. Some elephants live in the woodland and shrub bordering the deserts. And there are the other Asian elephants than live in the desert.


    I though that you, the reader would be interested in such a find.

    John McAvoy

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