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  1. Interesting article. I find that you put people in a category and judge what they will say. Watch out this isn't true for every pshycologist or astrobiologist out there. I liked your ideas though.

  2. what if NON of them disapear?


    I even went to full screen' date=' I could still see them all in perpheral vision (enough to say non disapeared).


    I tried this for a few minutes too ?[/quote']


    I could see all of them too. Should I take my glasses off or something?

  3. When a meteor enters the atmosphere most people think that the whole rock is extremely hot. But that is not the case the outer crust is extremely hot. But if you go about half an inch further into the rock you'll find that it is still cold. I found this interesting since I always thought otherwise.

  4. I used the math tutorials from a cd to get ahead. It worked well and gave me an obvious headstart' date=' but it didn't cover everything. I finished a year during a couple weeks in the summer. It's called MathAdvantage 2002... couple years back isn't too bad.


    Problem is, it only goes up to the 2nd calculus year.[/quote']


    Where do you find it and is it for free?

  5. Man it sounds like your from my school. No kidding. We're reviewing stuff we leart in Grade 8 (I'm in Grade 10). Its a sckrewed up system but just like Molecular Man14 said. Do your best don't get bored and if you really want some challenges get some math books at the library. The mathematician Pickover always has fun challenges. Try him.

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