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  1. Reguardless of whether or not it IS life, is the fact that it most likely WILL BE life of any importance? Once the decision has been made to create life I'm not sure that the body has an equivalent natural method to stop the process.


    Hey that's great, I never thought of it that way.

  2. "Why do I feel more tired when I get lots of sleep rather than only 4-5 hours per night?"


    Hmm... I seem to be tired if I oversleep too. Although' date=' with such minimal amount of sleep, it might be overtiredness, which makes people quite hyperactive and less-tired than they actually physically are.


    Btw, now sleep deprivation has given me a sore throat too! I wonder what it's going to give me for Christmas... :([/quote']


    Ya I've got a sore throat to from lack of sleep too. It's funny how our bio clock works. Stress is also startint to become a factor. I think this increases the time period you have lack of sleep and yet you feel totally awake, stress I mean, lengthens it.

  3. Well' date=' my aunt Winifred had a tail, but of course she was not my direct ancestor being only my father's older sister.


    Frenchmen are known to have descended from short-tailed jumping animals which fed by leaping into the air to seize butterflies, and other succulent insects, in their jaws.[/quote']


    Excusé- moi, I'm offended. You treat ze french like pigs. Dis is unaceptable. Parbleu

  4. Why not make a page that demonstrates the top ten posters, the People's Choice poster of the month, including runner up. And maybe every year have an award that is chosen by the moderators and votes from the members to the three, five or ten best posters of the year. I would really enjoy that.


    And maybe a Best New Poster Award to some new guy that has an interesting opinion.

  5. JHAQ' date=' you`ve got my full sympathies dude :((


    At least you gan take a general Anaethetic though, I can`t so no OP for me, and the painkillers I`m too afraid to take as they`re addictive (Tramadol/Zydol) :(


    Arthritis is NOT FUNNY, and it`s not only in "OLD People" either![/quote']


    Are all painkillers addictive?

  6. I did' date=' however, hear that Nasa managed to disassemble a desk lamp on the atomic level and reassemble it on the other side of the room over the course of a month not too long back, if you consider that teleportation.



    This cannot be true and if you have no evidence to support this (such as a link) why bring it up?

  7. Coquina, thanks for the advice. We have a lot of tick s over here. The park across the street is supposed to be filled with them but no the doc says it's due to overstressing the knees in sports and stuff. He says that they can heal but he doubt's they will until I'm at least 20 and I stop running around.


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