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  1. Although people sometimes feel sympathy for the victims we must also think of the bullies . What prods them on to ruthlessly show their determination at being alpha male/female. Troubles at home can usually lead to such an attitude. Sometimes it is simply the person's choice, a decision to show his superiority.

  2. NASA just claimed that " Spirit" one of their probes found some goethite indicating that Mars may have water. Although i've searched the web a bit but I don't understand the connection between water and the rock. Deos this strengthen the fact that scientists believe there is water on Mars. What do you think?

  3. If you look at the brain ratio on the chart on this link you see that it tells us that dolphins have the largest brain under man and that chimps are under them. I believe that we don't fully comprehend their intelligence and that although humans are definitely smarter than them they may yet hold some surprises as to the degree of their intelligence.


    Check for typo's man you've got a lot.

  4. Here we have tons of disposal bins all over the place. We always recycle cans, plastic bottles, and other stuff. The car emission relaesing gases into the atmosphere while were driving to the bins kind of defeats the purpose. ;-)

  5. I was wondering if there is something that can go faster than light. If an object, say a spaceship going the speed of light in between the sun and the earth would.nt the shadow on the earth go faster than the speed of light?

  6. With your permission I'm submitting this as one of the Top Ten quotes from the Forum. I must be missing something - permafrost on Mars' date=' but despite that ....

    This does appear to be a hugh [i']non sequitor ([/i]not helped by the misplaced full stop).

    And I am intrigued as to how a probe landing on a satellite of Saturn will discover life on a satellite of Jupiter. These NASA boffins are really smart.



    [Just because I'm acting like a bitch today, doesn't mean I am a bitch (or a bastard).]


    I don't understand what you are doing. Is this something good or bad?

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