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  1. Canada is known to hold large reserves of pristine fresh water. This valuable resource is becoming a growing concern simply because the financial incentives are quite attractive to many short sighted politicians and business men. It remains to be seen if it will be exported quickly or if the government will attempt to keep it. With Russia putting pressure on Canadian sovereignty of the Arctic and increasing demands from the U.S to buy massive amounts of water. Giving in would drain many of the Canadian lakes and consequently ruin the surrounding wildlife. How is it possible to satisfy everyone's needs here? The U.S needs water fast. Tensions are rising in the Arctic circle due to the fact that it contains a lot of resources and with the ice melting it is opening trade routes that were previously impossible to traverse. And, in the middle of all this, the majority of Canadians are undecided on this issue although it is considered as one of the leading concerns at the moment. From a political and ecological point of view it is quite a dilemma.


    Nevertheless there must be a way to help everyone here while preserving our most valuable resource in the years to come... or am I just being a little too optimistic?

  2. I do not believe a thread has been posted for this topic. I heard on a radio show that the U.S governement is selling six of their ports to the United Arab Emirates. From what Ive heard the UAE is or was associated with the Taliban. That sounds absolutely outrageous and very dumb.


    Here<s an article on the topic:




    and Bush responding to America:




    I live in canada so this is not a big issue, in fact nobody has heard of this. I was wondering if it is having a big impact over in the US.

  3. Dear Science Friends:


    Im in Grade 11 and I've got a science project I need to submit in about a month's time. I'd like some help for a good subject.


    Tesla coils are an interesting project but are there any variables that I could add that would make the project a little more scientific.


    If the Tesla coil doesn't work out then option then it's onto option No.2. I'm looking for experiments that deal with solar energy or if not then just energy period.


    Any help would be much appreciated.

  4. Do not make the forum's the homepage I beg of you. The appealing thing about the homepage is that it give's a sense of grandeur, so to speak, Not many other forums have a homepage. Also it's nice to have the most recent and active article's instead of having to click the topic you want.

  5. The actual drive itself... well they're always useful incase you needed to use it. So instal one on your computer, otherwise the one I took apart had an interesting multipole magnet.


    Where exactly is the multipole magnet in the drive? I can't seem to find information about it. It sounds interesting though.

  6. But seriously, it looks like some part of a bow & arrow or spear part.


    I doubt that it's any of those things being that it's hollow, dull. My guess is a sort of spoon or something. :confused:

  7. Recently I was thinking of buying a microscope and I was wondering how much I should spend so that I can get a pretty good one. I'm a high school student so it would only be for my personal interests. How powerful should it be?

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