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  1. One such example is in quantum particle equations where the probability of a particle being in this position or that, a meter from the center of the atom or in Cleveland, does not take into consideration the travel time of the particle from the center of the atom to Cleveland.

    1. tar


      These questions come back directly to the idea of dark energy and dark matter where the existence of such is required by observations of motion of matter seen in distant galaxies following the apparent motion of a supernova within said distant galaxy.  Where motion is concerned you need a velocity and a direction, neither which are currently measurable in said distant galaxy.  The light travel time from one end of our galaxy to the other in measured in thousands of years.  Such is the case in a distant galaxy as well. So not only is the motion measured old news in  terms of millions of years, but what is happening at the closer side of said galaxy and what is happening at the far side, can not be considered as happening at the same time.  So an gas equation can not be applied to that whole galaxy at once.

    2. tar


      Applied to the Twin paradox with the stationary twin aging faster than the traveling twin, the idea of reality and relativity comes in to play again, for from the vantage point of the traveling twin, she is stationary and the Earth is moving away at a high velocity.  So it is the Earth bound twin that appears to age slowly.  And on the trip back, all appearances are reversed and by the time the twin returns everything is in sync again.

    3. Markus Hanke

      Markus Hanke

      Please open a thread on this, rather than post on my profile. Thanks!

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