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  1. I'm just reading about these 2 forces but I'm not really getting the difference Electromagnetic force is about attraction or repulsion between the nuclear particles of atoms, but the then what's electrostatic force? What's the link between these 2 forces and Coulomb's law: F= kQ1Q2/r^2? Please Help I'm really confused:-(
  2. well, W= force* distance moved in the direction of the force since distance is a scalar and U consider the absolute value of F, Work is always a scalar.
  3. well, I was doing some homework and I was asked why the headlights of a car go dim when the starter motor is used somebody can explain me:rolleyes:??
  4. OK I get z message of z bad consequences of the magnetism But still couldn't we mix a magnetic material such as steel and another material? they would attract strongly enough the centers of each wheel but not as much strong to attract things at e.g. 0.7m
  5. thanks 4 your contribution... This design is amazing! But how, do you think we can make it practical? the question of pricing 'd come later. Can we make it more suitable and attractive to people? At a large scale, which magnetic tools, principles do we use to manufacture them?
  6. Hi guys!! New question: Is atomic spacing constant?, take copper in example. If it's not what is the explanation of those changes in general?
  7. Actually I was thinking about how to make a bicycle function without chaine may be by applying a magnetism principle( attraction??) between the 2 wheels. Do you think it's theoretically possible? which mechanism might need to be developed/experimented? physics theories to apply?
  8. hello guys!! may be you can help me understand what's the difference (atomic interactions) between a metal spring's material & an elastic band's material and why is that the metal spring is elastic and the 'elastic' band has a plastic property?? What about the properties of amorphous solid? Stress & Strain? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedguys THIS IS A TOPIC I NEED TO MASTER BEFORE MONDAY HELP !!!
  9. Hello guys I'm suggesting that we do a virtual competition about these ideas of mixing creatures'Dan to create new Extraordinary ones. Frm me, U have the invention of the man-giraffe of 8m tall, long 4 thin legs and man face, with a little tail as well Actually the things That needs to be done are the scientific steps to follow to make it happen.
  10. Can you prove the statement that women prefer bad boys please?? because your affirmation seems a bit subjective and not based on measurable facts.
  11. hello guys!! it's quite an interesting topic but to granpa I have a question: what do you mean by the sum of all forces are equal?? In whivh case??
  12. thanks a lot dear!! this was very useful!!:eyebrow:
  13. hello guys!!! I'm Fatoumata, high school student. I love hydraulics & physics especially mechanics; I'm really enjoying the discussions with you guys & I hope I'll learn many things about these areas before my A-levels. so, let's enjoy our forum!!!
  14. :eyebrow:this discussion is just interesting since you guys have talked about our perception of distance, sound, thinking now i ask what's about our perception of images? do you think that the speed at which we see images, colors would be slower and why?
  15. well guys, i find very interesting the hypothesis which assumes that probably our thinking and perception of time will slow down, but what are the scientific evidence or support of this asumption?
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