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  1. I would agree that your best option is to speak with your parish priest about your difficulties. Catholic priests are some of the most understanding people I've met and I assure you, your situation is not unique. It's a very unhealthy situation when a teenager feels that he cannot approach his parents in something as fundamental as extended human interaction. We are social creatures and without social interaction, well let's face it, we go crazy.
  2. Regardless of your power source, I would recommend using a constant current circuit to power the electrodes in any electrolysis experiment. Try the L200C power regulator ic. The place where you buy it from should be able to provide the data sheet which contains the recommended circuit for using it as a current source. Batteries should not be connected in series unless specifically designed to be. Never mix different types of battery. Don't mix old batteries with new batteries. A battery may explode if, a. a reverse voltage is applied to it b. too much current is drawn from it c. an excessive voltage is connected to it. If one of your electrodes became coated with a conductive substance, it might have caused the electrolyte to act like a battery, causing a reversal of the current flow.
  3. Personally, I prefer to call spade a spade. lol
  4. Does the jar have a metal or plastic lid? If there are no contaminants in the acid, it could be a reaction to the lid. In a laboratory, sulphuric acid is stored in a glass jar with a ground glass stopper.
  5. Seek for knowledge, even if you must go as far as china. When someone says that it's like this or like that, ask for proof.
  6. That sounds similar to the Royal Raymond Rife beam ray concept. A very much debated device.
  7. A simple hovercraft can be made to float on a magnetic floor. The floor is constructed from alternate magnets in a checkerboard pattern. The hovercraft uses three or more electro magnets with hall effect sensors to provide feedback. The control circuit works to cancel the magnetic field detected by the sensors.
  8. qlue


    Isn't all matter technically radioactive?
  9. I'd recommend doing thorough research before messing about with a tesla coil. A tesla coil is deceptivly easy to build but keep in mind that a large tesla coil can deliver the same punch as a lightning bolt.
  10. Have you tried buying from automotive spares shops? The setup may be different there but around here it's sold over the counter.
  11. Informed consent is a basic human right for any patient. It is the option of a patient to accept, refuse or opt for an alternative therapy. I would expect any medical practitioner to advice his/her patient to avoid dubious or unproven treatment. As for me, I use honey as medicine. Medical scientists have only recently begun serious investigation into its healing power, yet its been around for centuries.
  12. If the space-time continuum is similar to the surface tension of a pool of water, and all matter/energy is riding on top of that surface tension, then breaking the surface tension would create an antigravity force with catastrophic effects. Whole regions of space would, almost instantly, be swept aside by the receding surface tension. Do we really want to dabble with that?
  13. I'm a scientist by nature. Which means I don't eat unless I'm forced to, I don't sleep, unless I collapse from exhaustion and I don't listen. Except to my own wild theories that is
  14. Bullets are generally made of lead with a copper casing. Both these metals are diamagnetic. When a diamagnetic substance moves through a magnetic field, it generates an opposing magnetic field. This will slow down and deflect the projectile. The stronger the field, the better it deflects. Using a superconductive wire to make a large coil, you could generate a strong enough field from a torch cell. At lease for a short while.
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