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  1. I've never understood how protective coloration developed. It did that particular animal no good at all - it got eaten. I guess its sucess depends on a mutation that would occur simultaneously in all offspring. There would have to be survivors of the same coloration and taste. I've never heard whether mutations happen like that in insects. Are all the eggs laid by a monarch identical to each other?
  2. I watched a program on the science channel a few nights ago about the extreme climate shifts that have occurred during the past several million years. The findings were based on ice cores taken arctic ice sheets. The idea is that during a glacial period the percentage of the heavier isotopes of water (primarily O18) is less because O16 is lighter and evaporates more readily. The graphs shown on the program indicated that climate shifts had been abrupt and extreme. Obviously, the findings are based on the assumption that the relationship of O16 to O18 remains constant. Suppose it doesn't? Is there anything that might change the relationship? I'm not putting this forth as a theory, just a question which I think has some logic to it. If more O16 is evaporated, then more O18 remains in the sea. If O18 is heavier, then it would tend to sink to the bottom layers of the ocean, and in subduction areas, a higher percent would be subducted. When an andesite type volcano erupts, the ejecta would contain a higher percentage of O18. There have been times when huge eruptions have occurred. If there is more O18 in the atmosphere, could it skew the findings? In looking at those charts, it seemed to me that the supposed climate fluctuations and the number of them they represented were just too radical to be reasonable.
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    New Here

    You'd be betting right. We used a carbide drill. As I said - I just told the people I'd make the effort - when it wasn't going to be an easily accomplished task, I quit and told him to buy a replacement. Yes, most parts for the accelerator non magnetic stainless, often 304. You probably know 304 is ornery to cut also. They are often purchased parts from companies such as MDC http://www.mdc-vacuum.com/urd/uniface.urd/ecf0018w.display which we modify. One thing we have to be careful about is keeping a sharp cutting edge on the tools, and keeping plenty of coolant on the parts. If heat builds up, the material work-hardens, then you really have a mess. We use a lot of disposable tipped carbide tooling. What happens chemically when a material work-hardens, anyway? They're used all over, wherever there is danger of mines. There was coverage of them being used - probably Persian Gulf rather than Red Sea - prior to invasion of Iraq. We machine a fair amount of G10. Thank God for throw-away inserts. The abrasiveness of it will ruin the accuracy of your machine tool too. We can divert our coolant tank to spray with a garden hose and nozzle. We keep flushing the chips out of the machine frequently, the big pieces get caught by the chip conveyor, the tiny pieces get caught by a Racor filter. A "special" kind of polyurethane. It flexes and seals against the boat-side plug. BTW - I was aboard a nuke sub a couple of years ago to check out feasibility of using one of the portable machines we build to cut out a through-hull sleeve. It was very interesting ... and very compact. The officer who was escourting us said that if you tie a rope tight from one side of the other when the boat is on the surface, it will have 8" of slack when the boat is at depth. The hull compresses that much. Interesting discussion, but I gotta go to work. Catch you later.
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    New Here

    I'll join in the welcome. I own a machine shop, & among other things, we make parts (usually one-offs) in support of experiments at Jefferson Lab's accelerator, and often have to machine unusual materials. I'll probably be calling on your expertise from time to time.
  5. I have never in my life heard a micrometer referred to as a "screw gage" and I grew up in a machine shop. Around here, we just call 'em "mics". (Pronouced "mikes".) I thought s/he must be talking about a thread gage, but I couldn't figure out why s/he was having trouble reading one, since no reading is involved, it either fits or it doesn't. Now that I have managed to get off on the wrong foot with you - welcome. In what part of the world do you call a mic a "screw gage"?
  6. http://www.wavy.com/Global/story.asp?S=3482974 PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals), collected animals, promised to find homes for them, and instead euthanized them in the back of a van and dumped them in the dumpster belonging to a shopping center. http://www.wavy.com/Global/story.asp?S=3482974 If anyone here has been donating money to these "people", I hope you'll find a better cause. I think it is unfortunate that unwanted dogs and cats must be euthanized, but I understand that "we" can't allow them to breed out of control. I have a tremendous problem when the "holier than thou" PETA people collect money from the general public under the guise of treating animals humanely and promising to find homes for them and instead euthanize them in the back of a van and discard them in a dumpster. Any comments???
  7. Kitty Litter was developed from a product used in machine shops and garages called "Oil Dry". Buy a big bag of the cheapest kitty litter you can find. Don't get the clumping kind. Pick a dry day and sprinkle it liberally on the spot. Use an old brush and scrub the oil dry into the stain so it will absorb the oil. If you have a shop vac, use that to get it up. If not, you'll have to resort to a broom and dustpan. If there is still oil on top of the concrete, repeat. There will probably still be a darkened area. Now you have to really apply elbow grease. You need something heavy and round - like a piece of round bar or heavy metal pipe. Use it like a rolling pin to grind the litter to a very fine powder (use a dust mask over your nose). Work the litter into the concrete and let it set awhile - this should remove almost all of the oil - you might see a faint stain. After that detergent and a scrub brush will remove the rest.
  8. I think there was a problem with the credibility of the accusers. Did the jury get to hear the evidence about the previous times the mother had sued for molestation?
  9. I wonder whether warm paraffin wax would help - it is supposed to help loosen the joints of people with arthritis.
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    A local T-shirt company can make one for you from your photo or copy. If you like geology, you could have "Geology rocks!" for math: "Math is sine language"
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    Ethical problems

    I have always said that when you read the results of a scientific study, part of your evaluation of the findings should be to know who paid for the research.
  12. One of the main differences between today's lizards and dinosaurs is how the legs are joined to the hip. Dinosaurs walked with their legs perpendicular to the ground. Crocodiles and most lizards walk with their legs almost parallel to the ground. It has to do with how the hip socket is formed.
  13. You are certainly right about that. I don't have any kids living at home, but Butch was loud and boistrous. The only thing he ever did quietly was to die. The silence and aloneness at night are the worst things. I used to go shopping at Walmart at 11pm just to be someplace where there were people. Late at night you get beset by the "what if's" and the "woulda, coulda, shoulda's". One other thing I should mention is that you often feel deserted by your old friends. Butch and I had a load of them. For a while, I continued to go to our club and meet with them. However, when I walked in the door, they got that "kicked puppy" look in their eyes. They missed him too, and I was a reminder. To them I will always be "Butch's widow", and not my own person. Your friend is going to have to make her own new life. It was one she was thrust into, and didn't chose. It's like being tossed out of a whitewater canoe with no life vest or helmet. You have to try to make shore without being sucked down by whirlpools or battered into rocks. As she meets new people, she will frequently be "hit on" by people who think she is an easy target. Friends will try to "fix her up" because they want to get her out of "5th wheel syndrome". In my case, I was married the first time when I was 17. I had never lived on my own - I was always, "somebody's daughter" or "somebody's wife". My mother died 6 months after my husband, so I suddenly found myself "nobody's nothing". At first, I was desperate to find someone. Then I came to the realization that I couldn't be someone else's partner until I learn who I am. Your friend is probably going through all of the above and more. For one thing, I can assure you that she dreads going to bed at night. Ain't nothing worse than sleeping single in a double bed when you're not used to it, especially with constant reminder of the empty side. I set a big nylon laundry bag on Butch's side of the bed, just so I don't see it empty. She may be trying to get a man's point of view from you. It is very difficult to contemplate dating after being with the same person for 31 years. I'm going to DC to see my daughter this afternoon and won't be back til Monday, so if you have comments, do be surprised if you don't get a response back right away.
  14. I'd put my money on the dophins taking over. Maybe they would enslave the octopi - The dolphins have superior intelligence, but no method of building - the octopi have limited intelligence and 8 arms.
  15. About 2 weeks after my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly, I attended my 35th high school reunion. It was the first "social" thing I had done, but old high school friends were coming from all over the country and I didn't want to miss seeing them. There was a guy there with whom I was a very close friend all the way through high school. He is married, but his wife didn't come to the function and we sat together and talked about what we had done. We had a similar common interest in boating and we both are small business owners. When the reunion was over, I had no idea that I would hear from him again, but the next day I got an email. (We had all received a program containing contact info for one another.) The bottom line was that we corresponded daily for almost a year. This guy literally saved my sanity. For one thing, I could discuss business problems with him, which I would have never done with my friends around here. For another, he used to be premed, and when my mom got a staph infection from hip replacement surgery, he made helpful suggestions about what to ask the docs. I still consider him one of my closest friends. I asked him how his wife felt about our correspondance, and he said she trusted him and viewed it as 2 old friends corresponding. There was never anything romantic between us in the least. Your widow friend is going through the most difficult time in her life. It is wonderful that you have been there for her. People always tell us "you are so strong". I don't know what they expect to see - perhaps wailing, tearing of hair, and rending of clothes. In the beginning we are numb, then we are broadsided with the knowledge that he ain't ever coming back, and if anything in our life is gonna get done, we are going to have to get off our dittyboxes and do it. As far as your marriage goes - take a lesson from us both - treasure what you have, it could be gone in a heartbeat. Never miss an opportunity to tell your wife how much you love her and how much she means to you. Most importantly of all "Don't sweat the small stuff." Realize, that given the perspective of a life ending circumstance, everything else is small. With regard to your widow friend - if you want to put her in touch with me, you're welcome to do so. Also, please let her know about an invaluable internet support group called "Widownet" - I hang out there when I'm not here. http://www.widownet.org/ There is a really great forum set up similar to this one, and they have "get togethers" where members of the "involuntarily unspoused" can meet and share experiences. PM me is I can help more.
  16. In the case of beef, I wouldn't want to buy it that originated in a country with a high incidence of BSE (Mad Cow Disease) - also some foreign countries are not as careful about cleanliness of food handling procedures. Food bourne illness can be devastating - I have a friend who suffered complete kidney failure from it. She will be on dialysis for the rest of her life.
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