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  1. http://www.alternative-cancer-care.com/Cancer_Anger_Hate.html http://www.mindhealings.com/?p=251 There's a start .. I didn't read through them though.
  2. Hatred, anger, cancer. http://www.mindhealings.com/?p=251 Okay .. you're probably right, I'm probably wrong, but I haven't check yet as I'm looking for evidence of hatred and anger causing cancer. I am an old guy and tired, maybe I was thinking but not writing that after Peter used his sword in the garden no disciple was seen with or used a sword .. supporting the Christian belief that Christians are not to use violence.
  3. Wow .. poets who actually know what a haiku's structure is!! And to think, I found you on a science forum instead of a poetry reading!
  4. Would you accept one from a Plasma Cosmologist or would what I view as your conventional viewpoints disallow it? Please note, that I am not saying you are a conventionalist, only that you seem to present yourself that way to my view of you thus far. Second Peter Chapter Three 10But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. 11Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, 12Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat? 13Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. In Genesis, the heavens included all the lights in the sky .. as those lights include other galaxies (however faintly and once thought to be nebulas) it is clear that ALL the universe is to explode. So far science has uncovered only one way for that even possibly to happen, an ignition of Dark Energy, or Dark Energy in combination with Dark Matter. The second shoting star came immediately after I asked God to do the exact same thing. Call it coincidence if you wish. For me it was oxygen on the flame of faith the answer of the first shooting star ignited.
  5. Yes .. I'm amazed I escaped it. Your humour is appreciated as much as your lovely profile photo. I tried to send you a personal message but the system seems flawed.

  6. In physics, an electric field surrounds electrically charged particles and time-varying magnetic fields. The electric field depicts the force exerted on other electrically charged objects by the electrically charged particle the field is surrounding. The concept of an electric field was introduced by Michael Faraday. Michael Faraday was reviled and outcast by his 'peers' because he couldn't do the math they demanded of him. However, I can't think of the name of one of his peers, but I do remember Faraday. The story of his life should be compulsory reading to anyone in any advanced science course because it might help them remain open minded about the opinions of others. I think a section of this forum should be devoted to the history of science.
  7. Sword: Read onto the next verses past Luke 22:36 .. Jesus said "One sword is enough." The only other time a sword appears in the New Testament after the garden scene is in Revelation, one sword, the sharp, two edged sword preceeding out of the mouth of the person with white white hair and firey eyes. No formal education makes me independant of consensus. I believe I can think more clearly. As a child I read enormous amounts of non-fiction especially on cosmology (my friends nicknamed me Sputnick) and I have continued to read enormous amounts. I scored 170 IQ in high school and I have an affinity for information. Although because of problems as a child in family and finances I only graduated high school from a four year commercial program, but three years later I scored second and third year university level on a mature student application test at University of Western Ontario. Formal education sometimes can be (I am not saying it always is) like blinders on a horse, although not with a person who manages to remain truly open minded, and some of those highly educated people have written fantastic books on cosmology. Being part of a consensus SEEMS TO put horse blinders on many people becuase they don't want to think outside their group. I do not think "I am right" .. but I know that I have a right to believe that I may be right despite when the consensus says. Evidence: Evidence will come if the theory is correct or even partially correct. If a theory is not put forth no one will look for the evidence to support it. If a theory is found interesting by someone, they might search for evidence. A straightjacket of rules which says a person must provide evidence for every statement is just that, a straightjacket. I might be able to search for more evidence but I don't have internet at home .. I use a public library's service and have a two hour daily limit. Sometimes I buy a coffee at an internet cafe and use their wi-fi for my netbook there, but it's a slow machine. I must also restrict the topics I participate in, which will free up time.
  8. Thank you. I obviously missed it. There is just too much to read on this forum to get every word .. which is why I sent you a personal message about something at the same time I posted it. I admit and apologize for my inability to respond with pure kindness, which is the Christians command and ideal, when I am accused and abused, which has happened a few times on this forum, from a few participants. It becomes difficult to keep straight who has said what when and why.
  9. Arete .. I'm not at war with you, and I think most people who believe in God are not at war with you or with science. I think God may have used evolution to create, may still be using evolution to create. The bible says, "a day with the Lord is as a thousand years." Fossils have been created in Japan in a matter of several days. While canoeing last week I saw fossilized plants which were still partly alive and green, part fossil, small threads of weed growing flat on limestone, photo attached. Geologists and Cosmologists are at great variance about carbon dating and dating of the universe. Many scientists believe in God. Many scientists go to 'churches.' There are instances of the bible supporting scientific belief, and Dark Energy is one clear example, as Dark Energy allow the end of the univese to happen as foretold in the bible, with a huge explosion of fire which destroys the entire universe. Before Dark Energy was therorized that explosion was impossible, and reason to disbelieve the prophecy and thence the entire bible, and the bible is not talking about a simple solar explosion destroying our solar system, but the entire universe. ABove all, please don't use me as an example of believers, as believers, like scientists, are all entirely unique unto themselves.
  10. Okay .. search for truth then, that should be acceptable to everyone on the boards, as science and religions both say they seek or practice truth. Search with an open mind though, and when you find the truth speaking to you, "I am the way, the truth and the life," try not to reject him. Evidence of God? I'm still on the boards. I'm astounded. It's obvious that miracles do happen. I'm also slightly astounded that I'm particiapting. Perhaps the miracle shows that moderators can admit their errors and forgive mine, while I can also forgive theirs, while admitting I'm too hasty at times in being overly critical of others. By the way, I found the Truth God while hopping a ride on a freight train, in my sleeping bag atop a pile of lumber on an open lumber car, in Canada's Rocky Mountains, in early September 44 years ago. I was on a pilgrimage searching for Truth, but had begun wondering about whether the God existed that many people had told me about .. an all powerful, loving God .. I asked for a sign about midnight, and a huge shooting star ran through the sky. I received a gift of faith. About half an hour later doubts crept in. I asked God to "Do it again" and another huge shooting star ran through the sky. I became a believer, not in coincidence, but in the power of God to answer requests if a person is truly searching. However, 'blessed are those who have not seen, but who believe" is also valid, and even allows for a greater faith, but the search may be longer (please note I said "may" be longer and not "will" be longer. I will not put myself in the position of saying how God will work towards anyone's faith. As another miracle, I can say that despite having lived a large part of my life in a way viewed by most conventional society as an unsavoury character I worked this past summer as a live-in maintenance man at an all girls' camp. A miracle unexplainable by any word other than miracle. Thank you Tar2.
  11. It's ethical to say goodbye to the people involved in this forum. I almost certainly will have been banned by the time you read this. I pointed out to the moderators where their personal ethics are not ethical, where their personal idea of what science is varies with true ideas of science, and of course, their pride causes them offense, and as they have the 'on' 'off' switch they really have little choice in their sense of ethics but to use the 'off.' Cheers.
  12. I spent six months living on skid row Winnipeg with Canada's 12 to 16 year old prostitutes trying to help them out of their lifestyle. I risked my life every day of that six months. I came to know prostitution and why prostitutes work. I spent months doing the same thing in Toronto, and visited several downtown city cores doing the same thing. I don't need a U.N. organization to tell me why women and children men and boys sell their bodies. How old was Einstein when he made those quotes? People mature, and come to a more perfect faith. Nice to see you admit it. Honesty is a good step towards finding God.
  13. It was only a matter of time to my being banned once I posted evidence that Big Bang doesn't work .. that and the fact that you moderators are sadistic dictators which I knew from the beginning here because of the 'big heat' you're all packing. Farewell. YOU made claims that I made claims, changing 'some' to 'all', changing 'if' to 'anti-if'. You moderators are typical internet moderators, sadistic, narcistic power trippers .. carrying big guns no less .. you really are hillarious. You couldn't find response to the rest of my post? The clear examples. The end is nigh. Farewell, MooeyPoo. But you cannot admit what mistake you made .. admitting to vague generalizations goes against your rules, doesn't it? I see nothing in any of your posts where you admit making accusation and inuendoe and saying what they were .. providing evidence of your wrong doing in the way you expect evidence to be presented. I see nothing in the way of apology which says, "I'm sorry that I said ...... " whatever it was you admitted, which I have no idea of.
  14. Iggy you're a nice guy to talk to, but I didn't accuse you of being closed minded. I said "If" your entire understanding is based on ... " I don't know why 'ifs' become anti-ifs so often on these kinds of forums. No .. I didn't say voids have anti-matter, I said anti-gravity .. but perhaps the two go together. In any case, MooeyPoo has furrowed her brows and given me a 'stern warning' in the 'can hatred cause cancer' thread, and hinted that I might not be around here much longer. So, "it's been nice talking to you" if I don't see you around.
  15. There is no battle between science and religion. Both say, 'seek and ye shall find.' Problems arise because most people who have not received faith in God have no clue as what religion is: James 1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. James 1:26-27 (in Context) James 1 (Whole Chapter) Another problem arises when people who have faith in God love money more than God, and despite what the New Testament saying "Love of money is the root of all evil" they hoard money instead of giving to the fatherless and widows, then create their own religions of justification for their greed. Scientists also create mini religions of their sciences, Big Bangism, Plasma Cosmologiism, Steady State, Expanding Universe .. and their pride cannot allow the viewpoint of other scientists who see things differently, so they excommunicate them. There are many scientists who were not at war with God or religion .. Einstein being a chief among them, "God does not play dice." Einstein is not held in high regard for some scientists who have lost their love of discovery, whose entire basis for science is a mathematical formula or their own idea of what an observation means, when Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." So .. While there is unfortunately battle between scientists and religious people there is also battle between scientists and scientists, and battle between religious people and religious people .. and of course they all battle either as individuals or as organizations or as isms etc. Peace. Shalom. Love. Open mindedness.
  16. You really should stop accusing me of thinking I'm being persecuted. It shows a lack of judgement on your part. Perhaps you don't read my posts in which I say "I do not think I'm being persecuted"? If so, go back and reread.
  17. "Seek, and ye shall find." Organized Crime? The same organized crime that brings women from Russia to work the streets in Canada you mean? Those women who could walk up to a policeman and say, "Hey, this organized crime guy is forcing me into prostitution." Yet who don't do that very often because they like the money, the clothes, the jewels. That organized crime ring? I've repeated a couple time now, I'm not the judge of who lives and who dies. I don't make the choices. I don't believe in capital plunishment. Was there one innocent person in Sodom and Gomorha besides Lot? Not according to the bible. Had I been there I could not have judged who should live and who should die. God is that judge. As far as natural causes of death go, falling asleep in a good old age is one of those causes, yet it's pretty rare. Why do you, personally, think that is? I happen to believe that pain can bring repentance and salvation for the soul, to eternal life. I happen to believe that when I got my cancer, and I looded at my life and changed some things, and continue to change things today. I also happen to believe that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of ALL people, that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to their eternal salvation. Facing death by 'natural' causes can cause us to think of what kind of life we have lived, what kind of life we are living, what kind of life we should be living.
  18. For Bignose: Your words: "You like the attention more than you like actually knowing the answer to the question that is this thread title." This is a typical accusation on internet forums. Accusations against me have been made here before your latest one, including paranoia, which is also a typical internet forum accusation. Posters responding to my posts have added words of their own fabrication to my thoughts, for intance changing the meaning "sometimes" to "allways." This is typical of internet discussion forums, along with the accusation that I consider myself a martyr .. hence, this is a typical internet forum .. and please don't respond with 'well, with so many people saying these things, don't you think it might be true' because these things are done to many other people besides me on these typical internet forums. To whoever posted the newspaper information about the Centre for Disease Control recommendations that boys aged 11 and 12 up get the HPV vaccine (because of an "epidemic" of mouth and throat cancers,) but unless you can post an original copy signed by the CDC Director the information may not be acceptable to Mooeypoo. Also, you yourself admit that definitions of hatred are varied, making statistical comparisons probably impossible. I only have so much time, so much internet time, so much sleep time. I post these things to generate interest in people who might be benefited. Many people might be benefited from your inclusion from the CDC, so this thread is beneficial. I am satisfied. I will, over time, continue to think on these things, and when I find significant information will try to publicize it.
  19. Do your personal laws demand that it is the person making the claim who has to provide the evidence? There are many examples of claims supported by others than those who made the claim, Aristarchus's claim that the sun was the centre of the solar system, for instance, was supported 1,800 years after the consensus people exiled him. The Englishman who in the 1700s proposed Black Stars forming because of strong gravity not allowing light to escape was supported 200 years later. The thought that we all have the right to Instant Gratification is one of the worst curses of our modern age. I said it was the Canadian Cancer Society, who sent me an information package, who said that TURPS carries a risk of spreading cancer cells into the bloodstream. Wiki is a young tool which has done a lot to spread knowledge, but it is a YOUNG tool which needs a lot more maturity.
  20. Your words: "You like the attention more than you like actually knowing the answer to the question that is this thread title." This is a typical accusation on internet forums. Accusations have been made here before this one. This is a typical internet forum.
  21. Tar2, the Muslims I talk to all say that Jesus was the greatest prophet, greater than Muhammad, because he could do miracles. I suggest you speak with Muslims .. go to a mosque for instance, or a corner store they own as I do, or stop them on the steet as I do, or talk to them in the public library as I do, or on vacation at the beach as I have done. They enjoy talking about their religion. Your content is huge .. my internet time is limited.
  22. Ah, so, if it's not wrong, it's right? I see a problem if your entire understanding of cosmogy is based on the standard model, if you can't think outside the box. You have perhaps forgotten even the idea of discovery and curiousity. Then yes, we can't have an understandable conversation. But you could perhaps answer a question like is anti-matter a component of matter?
  23. Should you not do the same as you demand of others? Your words: "And yet in this case we actually can give you medical research as evidence that medical treatment is more effective than no medical treatment. Your opinion on the issue doesn't matter, nor does your judgment of it -- evidence matters. What you bring forth is an anecdotal interpretation -- your own -- to explain something the data doesn't quite support." Actually, if you return to the first post I made you will see that I was asking a question, not making a claim. Also, I did not say pscyotherapy is an absolute cure and that surgery or radiation, chemicals should not be used. I think someone did suggest I said those things though. The wiki article on turps includes, I hope, the risks of surgery, and helps explain my aversion to the thought of surgery involving cancers, which should enhance the thought of seeking psychotherapy. Newspapers are not evidence? We are expected to obtain the original words of the doctor who originated the PSA test from his mouth that say the PSA test is worthless? You must have a lot of time and money to be able to do such things.
  24. I've said before, you simply don't have the gift of faith that it takes to believe that God can do anything, including translating the bible from one language to another .. even people can do that. But to follow your argument, where are you going to find a copy in the original Hebrew? (I do repeat, I do not need it.) In newspaper accounts I always read Phuket or Phucket as being spelled that way. "True religion and undefiled before God is this, to visit the fatherless and the widows in their afflictuion, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world." With your apparent study of bible and bible history you should be able to loate that scripture for verification.
  25. Interesting. Thanks. I fail to understand why you think we are at a dead end. Is anti-matter a component of matter or a seperate entity?
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