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  1. Ok, if you didn't someone did lol Your question is inherently irrelevant. After all, it was the legendary Schrodinger who defined the first helix structure, or something similar. the helix structure is a matter of all biological life.
  2. is that really true? I mean, I did actually say I should have mentioned it was for accelerating objects, well before this post. So if anyone is misrepresenting facts, it is you! Well, ... ok?
  3. reading your post, would assume the question of life is not a physics question. Now, taking into regards what he predicted, since DNA the helix stucture is completely inherent in all life, I think you have mistaken your facts. Physics has a lot to say about this subject! And has done! Swansont downgraded my post! LOL Swan, you are wrong, period!
  4. stop being pedantic. It is clear what I meant! This reminds me of the time you corrected someone on the difference between mass and matter. There is no need for it.
  5. Given enough time, matter will radiate away, and all that will be left is graviational waves. Gravitational waves are non-trivial, they are a presence of curvature in the universe even when matter is not present. The fact matter is predicted to radiate gravitational waves is an aspect predicted by dyson and his equations. Actually I agree with this statement. This is what Dyson predicted. stationary mass does not radiate wave's however. Only an acceletating mass will. I should have mentioned that. Gravitational waves basically carry energy away from their sources. ''and in more detail in a 1918 paper, Einstein showed that when a mass accelerates – in other words, changes its state of motion – it can't help but give rise to time-varying gravitational fields that travel away from the source at light-speed as undulations in the surface of spacetime.'' http://www.daviddarling.info/encyclopedia/G/gravwave.html Imaatfal I think you have the concept of heat death wrong. It does not imply a warm radiated universe. It means that the universe will cool down.
  6. Null, for a photon for instance? I don't quite understand what you mean.
  7. Not all cases. Schrodinger had some very interesting thoughts. In fact, I believe his book was named ''what is life?'' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/What_Is_Life%3F
  8. can you cut this down a bit? I loose concentration before the wall of words has finished. Please?
  9. Did I say this wrong? I always get confused with the initial setup to the final. ''Doing so will excite the particle, so the position of the electron becomes certain if the photon has a small wavelength - the momentum of the electron then becomes very uncertain,'' Is what I said. I don't think this is in dispute.
  10. I can only just barely visualize four dimensions!!! lol
  11. Don't be silly. No question is a dumb question if you don't know the answer
  12. Of course matter will eventually radiate away in the form of gravitational waves. This is what Dyson worked out from his calculations. I will give you three examples of solutions to what will happen, there are more and will recite them all if you want. Within [math]10^{19}[/math] the central region of the Galaxy may be expected to collapse into a Black Hole while stars in the outer region are detached from it. After [math]10^{24}[/math] years, steller orbits around the Galaxy will decay into gravitational waves After [math]10^{1500}[/math] years, all ordinary matter will have fissioned or fusioned to iron through radioactive processes. Please don't contradict me, I know what I am talking about. I knew this about his equations many years before today. That was to guenter, sorry^^
  13. Short answer, this is how the multiple universe theory works. They overlap each other in the act of superpositioning and fly apart when a measurement is made. Then overlap all over again. Of course they can rocket. This is how a single particle is shared among universes in the multiverse theory. Everything exists as a superposition until something comes along and disturbs that wave function. Then universes fly apart, create universes equal to as many possibilities which is permissible. Yes. Two universes cannot work. It turns out as an Oxymoron.
  14. My god. The man was irradiated beyond belief!!! Eeeek!
  15. You know... you could technically know the exact position and momentum of an object. If you make a calculation of it's position in the past, then made an accurate calculation of it's trajectory in the future, you can know with certainty the position and trajectory made in the present. Of course, you can only do this because you are not measuring the two simultaneously in the present moment. Anyway, an easy way to reconcile this feature of reality is by assuming you want to observe an electron. You might observe it by hitting a photon of the electron. Doing so will excite the particle, so the position of the electron becomes certain if the photon has a small wavelength - the momentum of the electron then becomes very uncertain, but it's position would have been known with reasonable accuracy. (I think I got that right)
  16. You should check what I say in this following post. Prove to yourself for instance that the inner product of [math]<b|[/math] and [math]|a>[/math] is the complex conjugate of [math]<a|b>[/math]. Here is one that is less obvious. Take any matrix, hermitian or not hermitian as [math]<b|M|a>[/math] Take M and multiply it onto the ket will give you a new vector. Then you take the inner product of b. This is related to [math]<a| M^{\dagger}|b>^{*}[/math] where the <a| is acting like a complex conjugate, in fact, this has been complex conjugated where all rows and columns have been interchanged. Incidently, M on (a) will give you a vector, but M and (a) after this onto (b) will give you a number. It won't give you a vector in this case, it's just a number. So you get from [math]<b|M|a>[/math] to the expression [math]<a| M^{\dagger}|b>^{*}[/math] by complex conjugating it. In fact, if it is hermitian you can now state it as [math]<b|M|a> = <a| M|b>^{*}[/math] where we have just erased the conjugation dagger sign. This means it is equal to its own hermitian conjugate. That is just the definition of Hermitian. So the <b| and |a> matrix element of M is the same as the <a| and |b> matrix element of M. Don't forget also you can have the case where a=b so <a|M|a> = <a|M|a>* Is real. It also has a special name. It is called the expectation value.
  17. I will try and answer your questions... I little buisy at the mo, will be back on the comp soon. Right... well, when you come across something like this [math]\langle \phi|A| \Psi \rangle ^* = \langle \Psi|A^\dagger| \phi \rangle[/math] the fact we can see [math]A^\dagger = A[/math] actually implies something important; if [math]A[/math] is a matrix, then this implies our matrix is hermitian, meaning all the diagonal elements in the matrix are real. Real things are associated to observables in quantum mechanics. This will take you into things like calculating matrices and the hermitian conjugate. You simply transponse your matrix but then complex conjugate it. I could write up some matrices, but I really can't be bothered unless you ask me to. Anyway... coming across something like [math]|\psi><\phi|[/math] is called an outer product, obviously the opposite name-meaning of the inner product. You may come across something like [math]|\psi><\psi|\phi>[/math] this means that the eigenvector has been chosen, then this is an orthogonal vector [math]\phi[/math]. I would have written more, but am in a rush again!!! lol
  18. How can someone measure the future in the present? Surely then it is no longer the future? And if time is flowing, what is it flowing relative to?
  19. Mystery111


    TY!!! I am glad to have the nesxt couple of weeks here. I have missed the place.
  20. They are the distortions carried when matter will radiate. Needless to say, a large amount of time is required before matter will radiate away in the form of gravitational waves.
  21. Curvature is caused by understanding the Christoffel Symbols. A certain wave equation describing two kinds of waves, [math]\frac{\partial^2 \phi}{\partial t} = c^2 \frac{\partial^2 \phi}{\partial x^2}[/math] It describes basically the kind of waves we attribute to right movers and left movers. In three dimensions this is [math]\frac{\partial^2 \phi}{\partial t^2} = \frac{\partial^2 \phi}{\partial x^2}+ \frac{\partial^2 \phi}{\partial y^2} + \frac{\partial^2 \phi}{\partial z^2}[/math] This can be written as [math]\eta^{\mu \nu} \frac{\partial^2 \phi}{\partial X^{\mu} \partial X^{\nu}} = 0[/math] To make this into a tensor, we will invite now the Christoffel Symbols [math]\nabla_{\mu} g^{\mu \nu} \frac{\partial \phi}{\partial X^{\nu}} + \Gamma^{\mu}_{\mu \alpha} g^{\nu \beta} \frac{\partial \phi}{\partial X^{\beta}} = 0[/math] This equation describes the geodesic of a path taken by the likes a of a photon for an example.
  22. Oh the Chronon... now there is a name I have not heard in a while. This number has possible massive implications for quantum mechanics. The Chronon is a wonderful idea.
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