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  1. Tried to rescue a Bee today...  I am way too soppy...  I fished it out of a pool of water that was probably alkaline due to the cement. I hope the little fella/girl is OK.  I put it on a leaf over the fence but it fell into the bushes.  It seemed to have some strength left in it so it might survive.  Just gotta leave it and hope it survives - it probably has more chance in the bushes than it did in the cement water.

    I do this a lot with bees - I never know if they survive or not... some are just too weak. I have tried sugar solution in the past with varying successes and fail rates - Sometimes they tuck in and sometimes they are too far gone..

    I guess every little helps.  :-( 

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    2. DrP


      Yea - they put themselves on display the little hussies! Spread out all over the kitchen wall without any shame at all. Brazen!

    3. DrP


      being fair - I think it is them that are eating all the wood louse - there are shells all over the floor in the entrance room. :-/ I clear them up from time to time but they come back - I guess I'd rather have a few hidden spiders in the place doing their thing rather than have the place crawling with wood lice.

      My scalp has gone all itchy just thinking about it. :-/

    4. StringJunky


      They keep the living and dead insects cleaned up, catch flies and the only inconvenience is a bit cobweb clearing once a year when they get dusty and can be seen. They are unseen housekeepers. What they do when they crawl on you in the night is tasting you to see if you'll be worth coming back to when you pop your clogs. :D  Like I said, if they aren't in my way I don't care. I've had to kick two bats out in one place and kill 20 field mice in a week at one time... two of them were taking the mickey playing with each other like i wasn't there! I was a bit sad when my trap killed a dormouse though. The joys of living in the sticks.

  2. "Guns don't kill people - rappers do, I heard it in a documentary on BBC2" - Goldie looking Chain.

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    2. DrP


      maybe -rap battles?

    3. DrP


      Hawkins vs Einstein was funny too.

    4. DrP


      omg - just watched Wonder Woman vs Stevie Wonder... it so shouldn't be funny, but I am still laughing now.

  3. Hello new SFN.... (waves)

    1. NimrodTheGoat


      wahts SFN stand for

    2. DrP


      Science Forums . Net - they revamped the look a few years back and gave us these profiles... That *wave* was from 2010. Maybe I need to update my status, ;-)

  4. It's your Niece then! Sweet. :)

  5. Ouch!...... *Prod*


    Cute baby - was that you or a little sis/bro? I can't keep up with your avatars lateley! :)

  6. Reminds me of Illyria - the demi-god who took over Fred's Body in Angel. Quite sad really, as she had just gotten it together with Wesley.

  7. Fight Club is Awesome! Like the Avatar - although it does show a bit too much man boob for my liking. lol.

  8. That was strange - you've had a name change! :) Recognised you by the photo from your website though.

  9. LOL - Thanks - It's cut down from a bigger cheesy picture of him with wings and a big axe from Flash Gorden. Film is sooo corny but I love it.

  10. So.. Have you read "The Wheel of Time" novels then? I presume so from your user name.. What did you think?

  11. Those pictures are great - I really like Stevie Wonder!

  12. QUOTE: Friends:

    MonsieurChauvin has not made any friends yet.





    ........ I wonder why????

  13. Nice artwork and photos!

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