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  1. I don`t rem my exact source, but it was a site that google popped up while I was searching for Subliminal Effects, and I`m pretty sure that such "tricks" as the one in the original post are also exploited in some advertisments too.

    A while back, I looked into subliminal messaging. It's actually quite fascination on what our eyes see and how our brains interpret it. I remember something about how long we glance at magazine advertisements and the way our thoughts/interpretations are affected by that quick glance rather than a long look into detail. Im sure plenty of you have seen the girl on the swingset with three legs, in some advertisement for cigarettes or something. When I saw it the first time, I didnt notice it, because I only glanced at it, but as I actually payed more attention to it, I realized the problem. Pretty cool, but a little unnerving that it's being used against us :rolleyes:

  2. What is odd to me is that he was pronounced not guilty on all charges, when there was the evidence of the "Jesus Juice" for providing minors with alcohol.

    It's no business of mine, I hate pop culture (I just typed poop culture but thought better than to leave it, just thought it was funny considering how idiotic it is)

  3. I had the same thought when I first saw the video. I wonder what could be in it for this guy though, if it is some sort of act. Fame maybe, but it's hard to say at this point. It's not something you see regularly :)


    btw-nice avatar :-D

  4. Im sorry everyone, but I just had a brain fart and I cant seem to find this anywhere, so what is the equation for a circle? Basically, if I had an equation like x(squared) + y(squared) = 10x-8y+6 what would the center and the radius of that circle be? Im very confused at this point, because Im not a big fan of geometry, but any and all help is appreciated :)



  5. Can we do anything to stop it? Or are we just coming apart at our moral seems? Watching the downfall of others shouldnt be entertainment. Shouldnt we be the ones controlling what is good and what isnt, what is acceptable and what isnt, or are our ideals just changing to fit the media standards? Shouldnt we be able to put our collective foot down and end the media madness? It must be within our control isnt it?

  6. The beginning of the end David, it's the beginning of the end...

    Really it's hard to place the issue of growing negativity on just one cause. I wouldnt know where to start, so I'll let someone else post their thoughts and then I'll try to form something more articulate for my own :)

    I suppose the media in the US (and maybe in the UK?) is just pointing out dozens of negative things about the administrations and that is causing a great deal of unease, but I'm not sure yet. I'll look into it after finals though.

  7. ANYTHING BUT THE BIBLE/TORAH/QURAN! Don't bring the burden of dogmatic religion on an otherwise blissful society. Sure, the teachings are morally sound, but the worship part would distract their societry from advancement, and create differed interpretations on things that were never meant to conflict. They're all meant to enlighten and inspire to help everyone else. Not to kill them all because you disagree.

    So, any book with a good moral, but without the requirement of dogmatic worship. *If anyone has ever seen the episode of South Park in which Starvin' Marvin brings all of the Ethiopians to Marklar, but the missionaries try to convert all of the Marklar first - same scenario I think :)

  8. what the hell do you people have against Linkin Park?

    *I may have also forgot these -

    DMX, because I know what it's like to be angry. lol.

    Obie Trice - because they've gotta have teeth.

    Some Eminem, just because he actually is a good rapper, and his rhymes are somewhat intelligent and insightful (Rather than the "Ima Thuggggsta, BIOTCH" rap)

    I like Twista too because he has some real talent!

  9. Cultural perspective. America is renowned for its greed and it never ending quests for more profit.

    If you feel that people in the middle eastern regions Asia are being opressed look at your own population.

    I'll ask you sir' date=' to lay the hell off. What is it she has done so wrong? stated an opinion on a forum? OPINIONS ARE SUBJECTIVE, THAT IS THE NATURE OF AN ONPINION. You cannot consider yourself civilized and attack a person's opinion. You can, however inform them on something that makes your opinion solid, and they, in turn, will counter your arguement with something that solidifies theirs. This is the nature of debate, rather than mindless arguement. By taking things to a personal level, you have made yourself uncivilized ([u']by my standards[/u]) by retracting from debate policy. Look, I understand you are apparently very biased, as everyone on the planet is, but if you cannot follow proper arguement procedure, and just jump right to the yelling and fussing, don't get into the arguement.

    She has stated her arguement, and no matter how out-of-line it may have been, it is worthy of rebuttal. This is not a formal debate, so if it goes unanswered, there is no consiquence, but if you want to be taken seriously, at least make an attempt to respond to individual points. She has made hers, make some reasonable arguements in return and get on with the debate. Don't bicker.


    Now, for my response to your most recent statement.

    Sure, let's just say that somewhere in the societal expression of Western Civilization, we are all very greedy. Is this possible? Are there no altruists left to speak for themselves? Are you a member of western culture? I consider myself greedy in some respects, but altruistic when it comes to science.

    What do you say of the altruists? Are they only alive in order to turn a profit? No. The definition of Altruism eliminates that (go ahead a pull some alien definitinion of altruism out of your ass and call it topicality if you like, but I've handled that garbage before.)

    "The quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others" - Altruism.

    If we are so damned greedy, and always on our high horses, then I suppose we will simply pull out of the UN. Alright, so there goes the UN. Now, let's pull our foreign aid programs. Who is helping now? The UN? Well, since we just pulled out, that'll be tough, but still possible. Now, lets say we isolate ourselves, just because we're so much higher than the rest of the planet. The Western civilization alone will depend upon eachother for resources now. How does the world look? Feel better now that the Western Yankee Pig Dogs are out of the picture? Will a new era of radicalism begin? Who, if not those with great power, those with the most rapidly growing population on the planet: the Muslims. THIS IS NOT TO SAY THAT ALL MUSLIMS ARE RADICAL. I HAVE DOZENS OF MUSLIM FRIENDS, WHO I CARE FOR VERY MUCH. But the groups with power, radicals (not necessary Muslims), will take hold of nations for what they want, and what will you do? Will you join them, or will you fight them? We won't, remember, we're providing for eachother, because now you're not in the club. Will you fight it out for power, like the evil westerners would have? Or will one gang of radicals take hold over the rest? Make a decision and get back to me

  10. Can someone elaborate or explain what's going on with this MyHack organization? Ive noticed it on websites like http://www.curebreastcancer.org/. Can someone tell me what's going on? Is this some sort of competition between members of the MyHack organization, or is it just this one person reaking as much havok as possible?

    I just find it strange that anyone would hijack a wesbite with the purpose of informing people and cancer... :confused:

  11. "Breast size does not affect the amount of pain you will have during a mammogram"

    I assume it would be the density. I have a problem with mammograms...basically because of the level at which they go to get an answer which could be found with other, less torture-like methods.

    As for breast size, I guess that it would be in the genetics partly. But only partly. Society and culture would have more to do with it I suppose. But society changes, and when/if (I say "if" only because now that we are semi-stable, we might choose not to change it) it changes, what will the status of big breasts be? *I'll still like them... :cool:

  12. Also, ich bin nicht gewiss um die Organisation von diesem Thema, aber ich werde sowieso aufstellen. : -) Es ist nicht oft, dass ich zu flex meine Deutsch-sprechende Fähigkeit erhalten, anders als wenn ich Rammstein zuhöre (Rammstein ist gar toll)


    Ich spreche einen guten Betrag von Deutsch, aber ich bin nicht ziemlich fliessend noch. Ich liebe die Sprache, obwohl es einen schlechten Namen von vielen Leuten erhalt. Ich versteht dont, warum. ..When Brunnen gesprochen hat, ist es ziemlich eine wunderbare Sprache

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